Sweet Baby Pate is a GIRL!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

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I've always heard people say they don't care about the gender of their babies so long as they were healthy and that couldn't be more true. While I honest to goodness did not care regardless, and Juston didn't either, I'm just so excited to finally know!

I've thought for awhile now that sweet baby was a girl, but we got confirmation from our gender scan appointment this past Wednesday! I'm having visions of bows and ruffles and pink galore!

We had such a great experience at our appointment and were both speechless when we first saw our baby on the television screen in the ultrasound room. Watching her little heart beat made mine skip a beat! We were able to see the 4 chambers of her heart, all happily thumping away, her heartrate was 150 at this appointment, we could count her little fingers and toes when they showed us her feet and hands, we could see her little face, although right now, it looks more like a skeleton than a baby since she has no fat on her yet, and we were also able to see her ribs, spine and other bones as well as the umbilical cord and her little home for the next few months. It was almost like she was waving at us when we saw her at first. It was honestly a mind-blowing experience. I was watching her move around all over the place during the ultrasound, but couldn't feel any of it. I can't wait to start feeling her move around in there, I think that's when it will really hit home for me. And needless to say, I've already been shopping since Wednesday and her closet is looking pretty healthy!  We have decided on a first name, but are still narrowing down a middle name for her, until the decision is made, no monogramming can occur unfortunately.

15 Weeks!

How far along? 15 weeks
Due Date: August 11, 2012
Total weight gain: down 3 pounds from where I was when finding out I was pregnant
Maternity clothes? So far, all of my clothes still fit, but mostly because I wear yoga pants most days. I can still button my other pants though.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: I had a period of about a week where I was not sleeping AT ALL. Very restless at night, I'd be asleep a couple hours, then be wide awake, but I'm getting back to normal now
Best moment this week:  Making a list of names for Baby
Miss Anything? Being able to do ab workouts. The doctor said I could, but that it was pointless. not sure I agree with that
Movement: No movement yet, but they tell me it won't be long now
Food cravings: Fresh Strawberries and cookie dough ice cream by Ben and Jerry's
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully, no. I'm able to keep eating all the foods I've always liked, but most of them are healthy foods
Gender Prediction: I had a dream not too long ago that I was in the hospital and had just given birth and they brought me the most precious baby girl
Symptoms: Itty bitty bump
Happy or Moody: So very happy. I know how blessed I am that I haven't been getting sick, that everything looks normal so far and that I have so many people, family and friends, who already love this baby beyond measure.
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: Unsolicited advice from strangers
Looking forward to: Gender scan at 16 weeks to tell us boy or girl!

Pregnancy Must Haves

Mustela Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream
When it comes to health and beauty, I've always found I prefer to be proavtice, rather than reactive, which is what I'm hoping to do with this lotion. I ordered mine from the website A Pea in the Pod. I just started using it today, since somehow, my baby belly seemed to have literally appeared overnight. Most people still say they can't notice, but most people also lie in the interest of kindness :) The company claims something like 96% of people who use this product don't get stretch marks. It's a little pricey, but worth every penny if it works. I did find it cheaper after the fact in a Babies R Us Store.

Pure Barre DVD's
Thousands of women can't be wrong...I love this workout, pregnant or not and find that it is very pregnant-friendly, unlike some more intense workout programs I love like Crossfit or P90X. This will be my workout of choice both during and after pregnancy in addition to my regular weight and walking routines.
Foldover Yoga Pants

My non-maternity yoga pants are still quite comfortable and will hopefully stretch as I do. My favorites come from Express, Victoria's Secret and Lululemon. As of right now, I'm trying to buy clothes that are non-maternity, but will work for both during and after pregnancy. Plus as active as I try to stay, these pants are a staple!
Maxi Dresses
I already had a serious love affair with maxi dresses pre-pregnancy, but these adorable dresses are not only perfect to transition from cool to warm weather through the seasons, they have a very forgiving structure to carry you through pregnancy and after. The ones above are just a few of the absolutely perfect maxi's I've found compliments of my favorite boutique shop, The Blue Door Boutique.  The maxi's are just the beginning...adorable shorter length dresses, flowy tops and tanks, perfect accessories. You name it, they have it and like I said, a lot of it will be items you can wear before, during and after baby!

I'm sure my must-haves list will grow as my baby and belly do. I've already been told I won't be able to live without a body pillow. I just find certain things hard to spend money on, especially things that you will only use for a few months, and things that millions of women made it through pregnancy without using in the past. I may be singing a different song a few months from now!

Pregnancy Workout Plan

This is our first baby, and so I often find myself at the mercy of friends and family's who have already been there and done that and are willing to give advice. And so far, I've not been led astray with most things.

Remaining active is something I knew would be important for me to do throughout my pregnancy. I feel like my body is about to start a marathon unlike any other and I want it to be as strong as possible to make it to the finish line. I know a lot of people who use being pregnant as an excuse to eat everything and do nothing, but I'm making a conscious effort now to stray down that path.
My doctor and I have discussed my weight gain goals (20-22 pounds) and my workout plan and I've been given the green light to continue as usual with the activities I've been doing. Below is my workout plan. While it wouldn't be ideal for some pregnant people, and it is recommended that you don't start a new workout plan once pregnant, if you're thinking about having a baby, start exercising now to prepare your body for the journey ahead.
Pure Pregnant
I discovered Pure Barre about a year ago and have become slightly obsessed with it. My preference is to attend classes at a studio, but the closest one to me is at least an hour drive, so I've ordered a selectino of the DVD's, as well as the anti-slip socks, pure ball and tubing.

I feel like Pure Barre is an ideal workout for pregnant women for a few reasons...first, many of the movements use body weight resistance and you can do it in your living room floor.  The workout focuses on the areas most women have trouble with, inner and outter thighs, abs and glutes/ hamstrings. The movements are small, but give you big results! The goal is to work the muscle to fatigue, then stretch it out so you're not only shaping your muscles, your increasing flexibility as well. Most women who do Pure Barre are able to do it throughout pregnancy which is my goal. I just skip the ab section of the dvd's but look forward to getting back into that section as well once baby arrives  :)

Monday~ Pure Barre, walk 3 miles
Tuesday~ Chest and Back, walk 3 miles
                3x12 pushups, 3x15 reverse flyes with band
                3x12 chest pullovers, 3x12 plank hold w/ dumbbell row
                3x12 chest flyes dumbbell, 3x20 seated row with band
Wednesday~ Legs (Glutes, hamstrings and calves), walk 3 miles
                    30 second wall sit, 3x12 deadlift with dumbbell
                    3x12 single leg squat, 3x10 walking lunges
                    3x15 kneeling kickbacks with dumbbell, 3x15 lying leg press
Thursday~Pure Barre, walk 3 miles
Friday~ Pure Barre, Walk 3 miles, Shoulders
             3x12 overhead press, 3x12 pulsing rear delt flyes with band
             3x12 Front raises, 3x12 lateral raises
             3x20 front punches with band, 3x12 upright row
Saturday~ Legs (inner/outterthigh and quads), walk 3 miles
                 3x20 Lying X outs with band, 3x15 sumo squat
                 3x12 side kicks with band, 3x15 curtsey squats
                 3x10 side lunges, 3x20 lying side circles with top leg
                 3x12 single leg lunge, 3x20 straight leg lifts with ankle weights

I do all the workouts at home, and unless otherwise specified, always use 10 pound dumbbells and a green resistance band. I change this plan about every month and a half or so. It definately gives me more energy to do my job, teaching tumbling and coaching competitive cheerleading, both of which are exercise in their own right. Even though it may be the last thing you feel like doing while you're getting big as a house, it really does make a big difference in how I feel every day!

Nursery Design

Since before I even knew I was pregnant, I've thought about what my baby's nursery would look like. I've always loved pink and green for a little princess room and a few of my favorite are posted here.  Since we are thinking a 'C' name if Baby is a girl, I love the pink monogrammed pillow in the crib. We will be using an heirloom crib for Baby.  The crib was my dad's crib, then I used it, and all three of my sister's kids used it after me. I love the thought of having another generation use the same crib. We will have to freshen up the paint on it once it warms up a bit more, but I can't wait to share it with y'all!

I love the idea of the pink glider, but I also want to be practical and consider that if I have a boy, he may not be so keen on using a pink glider, so I'm thinking more like green, gray or white (although thoughts of stains may deter me from white). This room is probably close to the size our baby's nursery will be, but I like that it still doesn't look cluttered.  We also have a dresser to strip and stain that I used to use when I was a little girl, as well as an armoir to strip and stain that belonged to my paternal grandfather. I'm obsessed with antiques and love the idea of having all the family pieces in our baby's room.

Obviously, pink and green argyle are a favorite of mine, although I'm not sure how willing my husband would be to take the time that would be involved in painting that pattern. Our crib will be white, but the dresser and armoir will have a darker stain, closer to the color of these pieces. I also LOVE the black and white baby prints on the wall. I found this nursery on Pinterest.

This is probably my favorite baby girl nursery. I just love the simplicity of it, and I think it's a style my husband would get on board with as well (he's very much a beige, minimalist, my complete opposite!). It has a classic, southern but simple feel to it. Again, I found it on Pinterest and I am searching high and low for both the cutout wall monogram and the adorable mobile. I love the antique-y feel of the crib and the understated color on the wall. It's very different from the first two choices, but I love it nonetheless.

This is a wonderful option for a gender neutral nursery, and I could see my husband LOVING the color combos in this room. It's a bit vanilla for my taste, but there's something very elegant and timeless that I do find appealing.

I expect Baby's room will be underway the second we know gender. Juston's only request is that I don't go overboard with the pink if Baby is a girl. Clearly, he knows me too well. Either way, I'm excited to start monogramming and decorating. We truely could care less either way as far as gender goes.

Hey there second trimester!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How far along? 13 weeks, just hit our second trimester
Due Date: August 11, 2012
Total weight gain: still down 5 pounds
Maternity clothes? So far, all of my clothes still fit.
Stretch marks? No and hopefully won't.
Sleep: I have been much more tired lately, which is odd b/c everyone has told me the second trimester is when you get your energy back. So far it's the first time I've lost mine.
Best moment this week:  Picking out all sorts of nurseries on Pinterest
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement: No movement yet
Food cravings: Fruit
Anything making you queasy or sick: My vitamins don't seem to be making me sick anymore, but I just find that I'm not really getting hungry in general a lot of days and have to make myself eat
Gender Prediction: Based on heart rate, chinese calender and wives tales about the foods I'm craving, I'm still predicting girl
Symptoms: I'm starting to notice a little baby bump. To most people it would just look like I've eaten a bit too much and forgot to suck it in, but I'm starting to notice a differnece
Happy or Moody: Happy as a clam, especially when I think what an amazing journey lies ahead of us
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: People who insist on calling Baby 'he' or 'she' even thought we don't know what it is. I don't mind peolpe making predictions, but for now, we only call it Baby, nothing gender specific
Looking forward to: 2 weeks until our gender scan and the mystery of boy/girl will be solved!!!

12 Weeks

Friday, February 3, 2012


How far along? 12 weeks or about 3 months if you don't speak pregnant lady
Due Date: August 11, 2012
Total weight gain: lost 5 pounds. Been doing lots of walking and Pure Barre and only wanting healthy foods for the most part.
Maternity clothes? So far, all of my clothes still fit just fine. I have ordered a few things for furure use though. Found some great deals I couldn't pass up
Stretch marks? No and hopefully won't.
Sleep: I'm a bit of a night owl, but I don't really get tired during the day, I don't nap and I sleep great!
Best moment this week:  Sharing the news with the rest of the world and seeing how loved Baby already is
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement: I don't expect to feel any movement for a few more weeks
Food cravings: Strawberries and grapes and all types of salads
Anything making you queasy or sick: Oddly enough, my pre-natal vitamins make me nauseous every time I take them, but no foods have and I'm hoping they don't
Gender Prediction: For some reason, I feel like it's a girl and I have a 50% chance of being correct haha
Symptoms: I honestly don't feel any different than I did before I was pregnant....it still doesn't feel quite real even after we heard the heart rate (170 bpm) and saw Baby on the ultrasound
Happy or Moody: I'm so happy. I've surrounded myself with people I love and trust and who I know will love this sweet little baby.
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: People touching my stomach.  There's nothing there to feel right now anyway, and I HATE anyone touching my stomach, always have. Fair warning that anyone who reaches for it may get smacked.  It's a reflex!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender so we can finally stop calling Baby 'it' and start SHOPPING for clothes and nursery decor!

New Addition

So we finally broke the big news to everyone! Our families have known since Christmas about our big, little secret, and a select few friends that are basically family, too. I wanted to have a way for our out of town friends and family to keep up with mine and Baby's progress even though they can't be here in person most of the time, hence our baby blog.

God's timing on these things just amazes me in the ways He works it all out. I was forced out of a job I loved, working with a few toxic people I didn't so muchbut in a work environment I didn't love late last year. Initially, I was completely in shock, however, it was an unhealthy environment for me and I'm so glad in retrospect to not have to experience this pregnancy with that constant stress affecting my life and my baby.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to relax, and prepare for this baby thanks to my husband. During the first few tough days, I had a great support system around me and my favorite verse remained ever present, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord. 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.'" How true that turned out to be. I started a new cheerleading team at a new and improved gym and not long after that, found out about the sweet little suprise, God's plan for hope and a future. 
It's now my plan to continue to work part time with my team, but mainly be a stay at home mama. A very dear friend of mine who has raised three of the sweetest girls I know was a stay-at-home-mom and gave me great advice.  She said to me, "What can you invest in that's more important than your children?" So even though it wasn't the cirsumstances I imagined, it's been the best thing in the end and we couldn't be happier about our little bundle, scheudled to arrive in early August, birth month of me, my dad, my uncle, my papaw and a few other family members, as well as our wedding anniversary, so a busy month for sure.
The pictures posted are how we told our families on Christmas morning.  They were taken by a local photographer who does the most amazing work, Owen Brown of Creative Edge Photography.
I hope y'all enoy taking part in this amazing journey with us!