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Monday, February 27, 2012

Since before I even knew I was pregnant, I've thought about what my baby's nursery would look like. I've always loved pink and green for a little princess room and a few of my favorite are posted here.  Since we are thinking a 'C' name if Baby is a girl, I love the pink monogrammed pillow in the crib. We will be using an heirloom crib for Baby.  The crib was my dad's crib, then I used it, and all three of my sister's kids used it after me. I love the thought of having another generation use the same crib. We will have to freshen up the paint on it once it warms up a bit more, but I can't wait to share it with y'all!

I love the idea of the pink glider, but I also want to be practical and consider that if I have a boy, he may not be so keen on using a pink glider, so I'm thinking more like green, gray or white (although thoughts of stains may deter me from white). This room is probably close to the size our baby's nursery will be, but I like that it still doesn't look cluttered.  We also have a dresser to strip and stain that I used to use when I was a little girl, as well as an armoir to strip and stain that belonged to my paternal grandfather. I'm obsessed with antiques and love the idea of having all the family pieces in our baby's room.

Obviously, pink and green argyle are a favorite of mine, although I'm not sure how willing my husband would be to take the time that would be involved in painting that pattern. Our crib will be white, but the dresser and armoir will have a darker stain, closer to the color of these pieces. I also LOVE the black and white baby prints on the wall. I found this nursery on Pinterest.

This is probably my favorite baby girl nursery. I just love the simplicity of it, and I think it's a style my husband would get on board with as well (he's very much a beige, minimalist, my complete opposite!). It has a classic, southern but simple feel to it. Again, I found it on Pinterest and I am searching high and low for both the cutout wall monogram and the adorable mobile. I love the antique-y feel of the crib and the understated color on the wall. It's very different from the first two choices, but I love it nonetheless.

This is a wonderful option for a gender neutral nursery, and I could see my husband LOVING the color combos in this room. It's a bit vanilla for my taste, but there's something very elegant and timeless that I do find appealing.

I expect Baby's room will be underway the second we know gender. Juston's only request is that I don't go overboard with the pink if Baby is a girl. Clearly, he knows me too well. Either way, I'm excited to start monogramming and decorating. We truely could care less either way as far as gender goes.

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