Pregnancy Workout Plan

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is our first baby, and so I often find myself at the mercy of friends and family's who have already been there and done that and are willing to give advice. And so far, I've not been led astray with most things.

Remaining active is something I knew would be important for me to do throughout my pregnancy. I feel like my body is about to start a marathon unlike any other and I want it to be as strong as possible to make it to the finish line. I know a lot of people who use being pregnant as an excuse to eat everything and do nothing, but I'm making a conscious effort now to stray down that path.
My doctor and I have discussed my weight gain goals (20-22 pounds) and my workout plan and I've been given the green light to continue as usual with the activities I've been doing. Below is my workout plan. While it wouldn't be ideal for some pregnant people, and it is recommended that you don't start a new workout plan once pregnant, if you're thinking about having a baby, start exercising now to prepare your body for the journey ahead.
Pure Pregnant
I discovered Pure Barre about a year ago and have become slightly obsessed with it. My preference is to attend classes at a studio, but the closest one to me is at least an hour drive, so I've ordered a selectino of the DVD's, as well as the anti-slip socks, pure ball and tubing.

I feel like Pure Barre is an ideal workout for pregnant women for a few reasons...first, many of the movements use body weight resistance and you can do it in your living room floor.  The workout focuses on the areas most women have trouble with, inner and outter thighs, abs and glutes/ hamstrings. The movements are small, but give you big results! The goal is to work the muscle to fatigue, then stretch it out so you're not only shaping your muscles, your increasing flexibility as well. Most women who do Pure Barre are able to do it throughout pregnancy which is my goal. I just skip the ab section of the dvd's but look forward to getting back into that section as well once baby arrives  :)

Monday~ Pure Barre, walk 3 miles
Tuesday~ Chest and Back, walk 3 miles
                3x12 pushups, 3x15 reverse flyes with band
                3x12 chest pullovers, 3x12 plank hold w/ dumbbell row
                3x12 chest flyes dumbbell, 3x20 seated row with band
Wednesday~ Legs (Glutes, hamstrings and calves), walk 3 miles
                    30 second wall sit, 3x12 deadlift with dumbbell
                    3x12 single leg squat, 3x10 walking lunges
                    3x15 kneeling kickbacks with dumbbell, 3x15 lying leg press
Thursday~Pure Barre, walk 3 miles
Friday~ Pure Barre, Walk 3 miles, Shoulders
             3x12 overhead press, 3x12 pulsing rear delt flyes with band
             3x12 Front raises, 3x12 lateral raises
             3x20 front punches with band, 3x12 upright row
Saturday~ Legs (inner/outterthigh and quads), walk 3 miles
                 3x20 Lying X outs with band, 3x15 sumo squat
                 3x12 side kicks with band, 3x15 curtsey squats
                 3x10 side lunges, 3x20 lying side circles with top leg
                 3x12 single leg lunge, 3x20 straight leg lifts with ankle weights

I do all the workouts at home, and unless otherwise specified, always use 10 pound dumbbells and a green resistance band. I change this plan about every month and a half or so. It definately gives me more energy to do my job, teaching tumbling and coaching competitive cheerleading, both of which are exercise in their own right. Even though it may be the last thing you feel like doing while you're getting big as a house, it really does make a big difference in how I feel every day!

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