Baby Caroline...First Look

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was not going to post our ultrasound pictures online at all, but Juston has had a few out-of-town friends ask about seeing these, so here she is! This was our very first picture of baby Caroline done at our very first ultrasound in January. I was almost 12 weeks when we had this done. It was completely surreal to think that this little thing is in my tummy. It still doesn't seem completely real but seeing her at both of our appointments so far, it's starting to settle in.
It's crazy to see how much she'd grown within a month since our first ultrasound. The photo above is from our gender scan appointment a few weeks ago so she's almost 16 weeks here. I can't get the picture to rotate the right way for some reason, so just tilt your head to look at it :)

We are excited already for our next appointment at the end of this month because we will get to see her via ultrasound for most likely the last time until she's here in person. Juston and I neither one really want to do the 4-D ultrasound, we'd rather be suprised about something since we did find out her gender. Also, Juston is adamant that the pictures creep him out for whatever reason.

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