Baby on the Move

Monday, March 5, 2012

As much as my husband and I LOVE to travel and explore all things below the Mason Dixon, I find myself hopeful that our baby girl will share our love of all things Southern, especially traveling to see the places we love so very much. I want our baby to be able to learn and experience things firsthand as she grows. It's one thing to read about the first shots of the Civil War in a history book, but another thing completely for us to be able to take her to Fort Sumter in Charleston and actually stand where those very shots were fired. It's with this hope in mind that I've been searching the internet for some of the travel essentials that baby girl will need when we hit the road in the months and years to come!
This toile carseat cover is just too stinking cute! I haven't decided which pattern I want, but I am definately going to do a carseat cover. Since our firstborn is going to be a girl, I want to make sure that the essential pieces we get, like strollers, pack and plays, swings, etc are gender neutral. That being said, it they make slipcovers for all things baby so that I can bring a little pink into those items and a carseat cover like this one will be just the answer. And toile is one of my absolute favorite patterns, especially for baby. The one pictured above is a custom design by Dimples and Dandelions . It's obviously pretty pricey, so I'm hoping one of my crafty friends or relatives will be able to help me figure out how to make one, or that I can find a much cheaper version...the search continues.
I know most people just cover up a carseat with a blanket, but I like the idea that this cover will fasten securely to the handle to ensure that it will stay put no matter the weather. Again, lots of patterns from which to choose, and I'm sure the one I ultimately choose will be must more girly and possibly monogrammed ;) The one pictured above can be found at as well as some other selections.

The company that produces my favorite, stylish diaper bags has done it again! How cute is this stroller bunting bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom? This would obviously be a great accessory to have as the baby gets big enough to travel in an umbrella stroller or in a forward facing stroller in general. I love the neutral pattern and color of this as well. At one point, this could be found on Pottery Barn Kids, but I couldn't find it last time I searched for it.

I tried and tried to find a gender neutral stroller and carseat combo while we were registering that I liked, but just couldn't. So alas, I did register for the pink one. The one we finally chose is by ChiccoCortina, but like I said, using a carseat cover if the next baby doesn't end up being a girl will cover up the pink nicely.

And finally, the Pack and Play...watching us try to transport this sucker will be a hoot, no doubt. I'm assuming there's a way to break them down and make them more travel friendly, a job, no doubt that will be reserved for my husband since I'd just end up breaking it if I tried. I found this one on Target's website, where they had a lot of other cute options. I didn't have as much luck searching around Babies R Us, but I really liked this one. 
I'm sure there are plenty of travel necessities we'll need I haven't even begun to think about, but we'll start with the small road trips, and probably have to visit a lot of Wal-Marts and other baby stores along the highways of the South. All part of the adventure and making memories as a family in the years to come.  

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