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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always LOVED to shop and dress up, so as I get bigger, I don't want to feel like I'm limited to those hideous kangaroo pouch britches and boxy, shapeless tops. I'm always looking for cute non-maternity clothes that will work during most of my pregnancy and after once my body is back to normal. It seems like such a waste to invest too much in maternity clothes that you'll only realistically wear for a few months, ever. Two places I visit frequently online in search of both maternity and non-maternity clothes are Sugar Boutique based in Greenville, SC and The Blue Door Boutique out of Columbus, GA. Both have the most adorable and uniquely stylish things, amazingly quick service when you order online and a super helpful staff if you ever have any issues with anything. I'm adding some pics from their websites of some of my recent finds!
The Blue Door~

Dress 1 is a really soft material and has an exposed zipper in the back with an adorable pattern! I love it with my cowboy boots. The material doesn't have much stretch to it, so it most likely won't carry me through all 9 months, but it fits great with plenty of room to grow for now. I'm wearing one similar in my 19 week picture with a cardigan and skilly belt.
Dress 2 is most likely going to be my Easter dress in a couple of weeks :) It is such a classic and flattering fit. It zips up the back and the material does have some stretch to it. Another one that will not be likely to carry me through past month 6 or 7 given that it has a more natural waistline instead of the most pregnant-friendly empire waist, but I loved it and couldn't resist!
Dress 3 I have in royal blue and am wearing in my 18 week picture. I could not love this dress anymore if I tried! It's the most flattering fit, it stretches comfortably and flows out around the waist into an A line fit. I love, love, LOVE it!
Dress 4 is again, not the stretchy fabric I'll need in a couple of months, but it does have the empire waistline on it that workds so well for a growing tummy! I'm also really loving hi-lo hemlines right now and Blue Door always has a great variety from which to choose with this trend.
Dress 5 I just ordered today and can't wait to get it in! This is one I think can take me to the finish line over the summer. I love the bright and airy colors, and again, am loving empire waisted items more and more as the weeks fly by and my belly grows out!
Dress 6 is the perfect church or wedding dress that would get most people through at least months 6-7 depending on the size you order. The black is slimming and the fit is very forgiving.
None of the dresses pictured above are maternity specific, but all work really well for me and are absolutely adorable. The Blue Door Boutique is definitely worth checking out every day. They have a really great turnover rate on their site, with new additions every day, but they also sell out of items quickly so be sure to check the site often!
Sugar Boutique~
All of the dresses pictured above are again, non-maternity and are by a wonderful line called Southern fRock (you can find them on Facebook!). All offer a very stretchy and generous fit and are ideal for hot, southern summers. They are simple, but sometimes the best things in life are :)

I also got some actual maternity pants from Sugar's online site by Maternal America for just $20! I got a pair of white skinny jeans and a paid of dark wash denhim skinny jeans. Both are the v-cute waistline that sits below your waist as oppossed to below your boobs. As my regular workout pants are starting to get tighter and tighter these days, I'm now on the hunt for cute and comfy workout clothes...again, nothing maternity specific, but I'm up for anything that will work for the duration and get me through to August! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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