What's in a Name?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby girl now has a complete name, which means a complete monogram so I can get to work monogramming absolutely everything in sight:)
I knew without a doubt that if baby was a girl, I wanted to name her Caroline for a few reasons. First and most obvious, it has part of my dad's name in it, which I won't mention since he would kill me and has always hated his middle name.  Also, mine and Juston's favorite place is in South Carolina, so I like the thought of my favorite first born child and our favorite place having a name in common. My absolute favorite middle name to add to it was Suzanne. My mom's middle name is Sue and it just goes and sounds so sweet and southern, little Caroline Suzanne...BUT, Juston just could not get on board with my middle name choice. He threw out a few that I just had to outright shoot down! haha After considering Caroline Emily and Caroline Elizabeth, both of which I liked, one day I randomly e-mailed to ask if he liked a middle name that had popped into my head. That very same day, before reading the e-mail I'd sent him earlier, he called to ask me if I liked that exact same name, so, as He tends to do, it seemed like God had sent us a sign. Juston didn't immediately love her first name and it's not my favorite middle name, but life and marriage are all about compromising and I do like the way it sounds together and the way her monogram will look.  So...while I'd still prefer my first choice since I think it goes the best together, we've finally decided to go with...
Caroline LeeAnn
Still sounds sweet and southern and best of all it combines aspects of my dad's name and his dad's name so while she's not named after anyone, she does represent both sides of our family.
One last thing I wanted to share is my favorite pregnancy accessory that I've found so far, a necklace from a cute little shop in Paris, KY called "Peacock Ado". I've never seen them anyplace besides this store and if you're expecting it and love the necklace as much as I do, the shop does have a Facebook from which you can call in an order!

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