22 Weeks

Saturday, April 7, 2012

How far along? 22 weeks
Due Date: August 11, 2012
Total weight gain: Up half a pound since last week
Maternity clothes? Wore my first pair of maternity jeans today and they are WAY more comfy than regular jeans!
Stretch marks? Still not yet, hopefully not ever. My mom never got them, so I'm praying it's genetic
Sleep: Still a pretty normal sleep schedule. Some days I get pretty tired around dinner time, but most days are pretty normal.
Best moment this week:  A few of them...first is Kentucky winning the NCAA championship game! It's been a big week in the Bluegrass obviously. Next, having to buy a C cup bra for the first time in my life! haha And then, my Preggercise class went great! We had a good turnout and people seemed to really like it, which is of course my goal in teaching group X classes.
 Miss Anything? Being able to put on some of my favorite dresses with it getting warmer. I LIVE in dresses and flip flops in warm weather and some of my favorites have a natural waistline so they look funny on me now with my baby bump growing.
Movement: Lots! She's flipping around more throughout the day now. She has been moving around at night for a couple weeks now, but she's becoming more and more active all hours of the day it seems.
Food cravings: I've been really wanting sweets this week, big time. Cadbury caramel eggs will be my downfall. I'm trying to resist as often as possible, since I know she's starting to taste the things I'm eating now and I want her to crave healthy foods, not junk.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Some smells I find offensive more than before, but not to the point that they make me sick. 
Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann
Symptoms: Baby on the move, growing bump, feeling hungrier some days than others and occasionally getting tired easier
Belly Button: Still in
Rings: Still on
Happy or Moody: I have felt moodier this week...mostly, I find that I've had less tolerance for people in general. It's sort of come in passing spurts and mostly, I still stay very happy, but I have noticed getting annoyed easier the last week.
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: Getting tired after simple things like spending the day at the mall or driving more than 30 minutes
Looking forward to: Another Preggercise class this week :) and celebrating Easter with my family tomorrow! I'm making a big brunch and my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and their kids will all be coming out to our house to celebrate after church! Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Next Easter will be a big one, too, with Caroline celebrating her first. It will be so much fun putting her basket together and getting her all gussied up for church. I already see a big ruffled dress and matching bonnet in her future:)
I shucked the corn for this picture for a better idea of her actual size, about 1 whole pound and around 8 inches long. She can now hear sounds outside the womb, like her daddy and the rest of her family, or our very loud dogs!

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