Barefoot Baby Sandals

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have seen these adorable barefoot baby sandals all over Pinterest, so I decided to try my hand at making a pair for baby Caroline yesterday and I'm not ashamed to admit that they turned out pretty awesome for my first pair! I still have some finish work to do on the straps before they are complete, but I wanted to share how I made them for anyone else wanting to give it a whirl. It wasn't hard at all, but it was pretty time consuming.
You will need:
an old t-shirt or abour 1/2 yard of cotton material
Felt to match the t-shirt
Needle and thread to match t-shirt
Flower cutout
Measuring Tape
A few free hours to cut out flower shapes! No, seriously...

I started by cutting the hem off the bottom of the t-shirt, then cutting 2 strips off the bottom about an inch wide. Cut the loops of shirt so that they are just a long strand, then measure and cut 6 4" strips off the long strand. Next, you will need to cut 2 oval shapes out of the felt measuring about an inch and a half each way, one for each shoe. You will sew 3 of the strands on the long side of the felt oval, making a loop to the other side and sewing a loop as pictured below.

The one pictured left is the top and the one pictured right is the bottom.
Next, get to cutting out your flower shapes, because you will need 18 of them and this is the most time consuming part of this whole project. My flowers measured about 2 inches across and you need 9 per shoe.

Take one flower at a time and fold it in half, then in half again. You will sew the bottom point of this folder flower on one quarter of the top of your felt shoe, then repeat with three more floded flowers, making all the points meet in the center of the felt as seen below.

The next four flowers, you will fold the same way, but the center of the next layer of each flower should be lined up with the seams of the first layer of flowers. Hope this makes sense b/c I forgot to get a picture of that step. Once you've sewn those four into place, take your final flower and fold it half twice, then roll it up like a cone, taking your needle down through the centre of the cone, then through the middle of the shoe, knotting it on the bottom of the shoe to keep it in place. You could also use hot glue in this project in place of the thread, but the thread seemed more secure to me. I finished mine by securing a pearl in the center of each flower cone. I really love the way these turned out and I've got a rainbow of colors to make now! I'm even thinking of making these to sell on Etsy.
The top picture still isn't the completed product as I need to hem the straps of the sandals and get them all finished up. Hope y'all find this helpful and try making your own pair for your little one. Also, worth noting that my measurements were used for newborn sized shoes, so if you're making them for an older child, you will want to make your measurements bigger.

One last picture to share...I had my little pup, Dixie model one of the pair :) As you can tell, she was thrilled to help out!

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