Etsy...a Mama-to-be's Dream!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jerribeca Hats on Etsy makes the crochet bunny hat and bloomer cover pictured above. We're going to use these in Caroline's newborn pictures. I feel like these style photos are the new Ann Getty pictures. I adore this little outfit and would love to try to make one myself at some point...we'll see how that plays out ;)

Love these headbands by Izzy's Attic! We'll end up using these for newborn photos, too, most likely. I've found a photographer close by that does amazing photographs like the ones pictured above. She does 'Belly to Baby' photos that we're in the process of booking. She's amazing, so tough to get into, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In case we can't get in with her, we're open to other photographers in KY/ TN area that people recommend!

Caroline's coming home outfit options... I'll post her actual outfits once we get them, but these are the ones we ordered by Magaby's and there are plenty more adorable options if you're in the market for a cute layette gown to use as a coming home outfit or for newborn photos. I couldn't pick a favorite between the two pictured above, so she's getting both of them. We will most likely use one as a coming home outfit, and the other in her newborn photos. Whichever we bring her home in, I will shadowbox and hang in her room after she's outgrown it. I saw the idea on Pinterest, sort of like the one below from

Etsy is a very dangerous site for a shopaholic like myself! You can find anything and everything and I love the idea that I'm supporting a lot of stay-at-home moms that handmake their wares. It's a win-win! I'm probably premature already ordering coming home outfits and things for hew newborn pictures when she won't even be here for 4-5 more months, but I just can't seem to help myself :)
And finally, some prints I'm considering for the nursery...

I want to matte a grouping of 3-4 prints in white or dark gray matte, then have them in white matching frames.  At this point, I think I want the nursery colors to be a pale dove gray, pastel pink and light green. I'm liable to end up changing m mind between now and the end of May when I hope to have the nursery finished, but I really like this color palette. I'm holding off on ordering these until I know for certain that we have settled on our colors, but these are some of my top choices.
The "Bless Your Heart" print is  by My Southern Accent
The Giraffe and Elephant print is by Lulliloola

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