A sneak peek of our maternity shoot we had yesterday! We had the sweetest photographer and were SO happy with her! These are just a few that she took that we've seen and we should have the rest next week. If you're in the Lexington, Ky area, you should give Miss Lynnesy a call! We highly recommend her!

Ruffled Crib Skirt

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm so excited to have this project finished! I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get it complete, but a couple of amateur seamstresses managed to bring it together. Just a disclaimer, be prepared to measure, cut, pin, iron and stitch till you're blue in the face! 
I picked out the fabrics I wanted for our ruffled crib skirt a few weeks ago before anything else had been done to the nursery at all and the design for Caroline's nursery pretty much all came from the fabric for her crib skirt. The gray and white striped fabric is a seersucker, the pink is more of a linen fabric and the white is a sort of jersey knit...as a disclaimer, DO NOT use this jersey knit for the base of your skirt like I did, you will drive yourself crazy working with it! Use a flat sheet or a non-stretchy fabric.

The stips shown above are folded. This is not their length.
We cut the deck and panels for the front and sides first, then cut the strips for the ruffles. The deck is the size of your crib, most will be 52" x 28". An easy way to do this would be to lay your matress on top of the fabric, mark around it with a fabric pen or pencil (it won't show), then cut it out. I made my panels 16" long so that the bottom ruffle would go all the way to the ground. Side panels are 28.5" x 16" and front panel is 52.5" x 16". You want enough extra to hem the sides when sewing it to the deck. You cut the ruffled strips twice the length of your panels. Ruffle strips were all cut 6". The tutorial I used said to cut the top ruffle 5" and the rest 6", but I cut them all the same and just hemmed the bottom of the top one a whole inch instead of a shorter hem like we did on the rest of the ruffles 
Run a basting stitch the length of your ruffle strips, then gently pull your ruffles so that they're the length of the panels. Pin the top ruffle to the panel wrong sides facing so that when you flip the ruffle over, you have a clean hem and no raw edges. We then measured bottom up for our other ruffles, pinned the heck out of them, then stitched them on. Our second ruffle was 11" from the bottom, the third ruffle was 6" from the bottom and the bottom ruffle was 2" from the bottom. Also, we left a 1" foldover on the top.
Once all the ruffles were sewn on, we attached the panels to the deck. We put a 1/2" hem on the sides of the deck just to match up with the panels. Pinned the panels, then sewed this sucker together and...

This is how it turned out! It's so perfect for her room! Exactly what I envisioned! I don't know if my mama knew the amount of work would go into this thing when she agreed to help me with it! haha But we had fun. We spread ours out over about a week, working a couple hours a day on it. I'd say in all we spent about 12 hours start to finish. More experienced seamstresses could do it quicker. Also, worth noting that this is NOT meant to be a tutorial! We used this link for our instructions. I found quite a few variations, but this seemed the most user friendly, which was important for us. It looks great with how her room is coming together and as frustrated as both of us got a certain points, I love being able to say my mama and I made this for my little one! Hopefully, she'll appreciate it!

33 Weeks

This week, she's the pineapple from it's bottom to top of the spike!

How far along? 33 Weeks
Due Date: August 11, 2012, but thinking it'll be a slightly early arrival
Total weight gain: 17 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not really, summer is great for being pregnant most of the time because I spend it in the pool
Stretch marks? Nope, almost made it to the home stretch so I keep a hopefully heart that they stay away from me!
Sleep: I have trouble going to sleep occasionally because I start thinking about all that we have left to do haha But other than that I still sleep really well
Miss Anything? P90X. and Crossfit...I'm so excited to be cleared once she's here so I can start them up again
Movement: She's not moved around nearly as much this week as she has the last few, but they say that's pretty normal since she's getting bigger and has less space with which to move
Food cravings:Oh my gosh, I've wanted otter pops SO bad for the last few days so I finally went to Wal-Mart and got some yesterday! I crave those every summer though so that's probably not really pregnancy related.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I'm pretty sure I'm past that stage. 
Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann
Symptoms: The pain on my right side has gone away. Doctor said it was a result of being front heavy and the pain originated from the back adjusting to the weight load, but always manifests itself in the front right side...go figure
Belly Button: Same...halfsies
Rings: On
Happy or Moody: Happy :)
Best Moment this Week:  Had a 32 week check up complete with ultrasound that my WHOLE family went with me for! We were quite a sight taking up the whole exam room haha but My parents, sister and her kids all got to see the ultrasound. Her little face and limbs, her heart beating and we could even see her hair! It was awesome. All looks perfectly healthy, thank God. And, on another exciting note, the crib skirt project is officially complete!!! I love it, it looks exactly how I wanted it to, maybe better. Now it's on to re-covering her glider and ottoman and painting the dresser. Possibly making crib bunting with her name if the mood strikes me.
Looking forward to: Hate to jinx myself by even saying it, but maternity pictures are suppossed to be tonight. We have a new photographer coming to us from Lexington so I'm hoping and praying that she shows up tonight! If not, I'll just call my sister up and have her do them tonight! haha One way or another, we will get them done tonight!

Pregnancy Perfectionist

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm quickly coming to the realization that no matter how much you want everything to be perfect before and for your little ones arrival, you just can't win 'em all. Yesterday was God's way of reminding me who's ultimately in charge of not only my pregnancy and baby, but my life.

It was a frustrating day to say the least...nothing monumentously disastrous went wrong, thank God, but a lot of little challenges kept popping up threatening to make me have my first pregnant lady meltdown once they were all added up. For the third time, the photographer I booked in April AND already paid $130 to cancelled our pictures with less than 24 hours notice...I was supremely annoyed to say the least. And that was before I was informed that my money was non-refundable. We can at least still use the money I've paid for a newborn photo shoot, which was the whole reason I booked that photographer to begin with, but I told her to just forget the maternity pictures. It probably doesn't seem like a huge deal to most people, but they were really important to me since our wedding pictures turned out so terrible five years ago. I really wanted some great ones to have to remember this milestone. We also found out that the stroller and carseat we'd bought were basically a lemon! Thanks for that warning Babies R Us.

Shortly after I found that out, the crib skirt my mom and I have been slaving over (slightly dramatized) for more than a week now got messed up in the final stages so I had to sit and rip out a million little stitches so that we could start all over. Just a disclaimer to anyone comtenplating making their crib skirt...just order one if you're not an experienced seamstress. Below is the fabric we're using if it ever actually gets finished. I think my mother and I both were ready to just log onto Pottery Barn yesterday and order one haha.

Luckily, I asked and received thanks to my Facebook friends and we have found a photographer that is willing to drive to us from Lexington this weekend and take the pictures on the farm we originally planned to use. I want to be relieved, but I'll wait until the shoot's actually happened and know the memory card wasn't defective or something haha. Fingers crossed!
Also, I wanted to share the adorable Posh Pusher I ordered yesterday for my delivery...

Photo from Posh Pushers

I found out about this company from a friend I met through the cheerleading world. They have tons of adorable choices to wear on your Birth Day, as well as some matching options for your infant. And yes, I recognize that this is a completely superfluous purchase, but I don't care, I wanted it! Anything that will make me look and feel even just a little better in labor and after is worth it to me, but I'm sure I'll never hear the end of this one from my sister! haha The company owners were very quick to get back to me with my questions and processed my order very quickly, too. I can't wait to get it and pack it away in my hospital bag! You can only order through Facebook though, so click the link under the picture to check out what all they have.
I think I'll just spend the rest of my day praying thanksgiving prayers for the little things that messed up yesterday since they served as a great reminder. Even though my crib skirt messed up, at least I have a mother around who's willing to help me work on it again and will be an amazingly important part of my daughter's life. And even though the photographer cancelled AGAIN, at least I had friends willing to help me out and point me in a new direction. We were able to exchange her little lemon stroller for a Graco that I had originally picked out in the first place. I learned to always take my sister, a mother of three, when shopping for important safety items in Babies R Us. And above all else, I have a healthy baby. Her 32 week checkup and ultrasound went great, which is what this is really all about at the end of the day, not having pretty pictures, or a perfect little bursery for her to sleep in when she gets home. It's having a healthy, happy little girl sleeping the day away in what may be a not-so-perfect room. I doubt she'll remember anyway. I think this pregnancy may just be turning me into a grown up...haha

When in doubt, I just remember my favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:1

This just may have to go in Caroline's nursery :)

32 Weeks

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How far along? 32 weeks, or 8 months!
Due Date: August 11, 2012, my prediction is that she'll come July 22 though
Total weight gain: 15 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not really, more or less just my swim suit and jersey knit maxi dresses
Stretch marks? Nope, almost made it to the home stretch so I keep a hopefuly heart that they stay away from me!
Sleep: Most nights I still sleep really well. I am starting to have more pain in my hips and back from sleeping on my sides all the time, but once I get up and start moving, it usually goes away.
Miss Anything? Most summers I typically tolerate the heat and humidity of Kentucky weather so much better than I am right now! I seem more like a wimp about it now that I'm getting so pregnant...still have the hottest days ahead of me so I guess I better suck it up!Movement: She's actually getting more and more active throughout the daytime hours now and you can actually SEE her moving around if you look at my stomach. It's the oddest thing!
Food cravings: I've been craving sweets a lot, but that's probably more my sweet tooth than anything to do with pregnancy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I'm pretty sure I'm past that stage. 
Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann
Symptoms: I feel some stiches in my upper abs when I stretch, presumably from the heaviest part of my baby bump pulling down on those muscles. Some mornings I wake up with a sore lower back, but I just have to walk it off!
Belly Button: Same...halfsies
Rings: On
Happy or Moody: So happy. I had a day or two last week where I felt pretty easily annoyed with most people, which unfortunately usually means family members since they're the ones I'm around every day and the ones who tolerate moodiness, but I know the chicks in the family understand and overlook it :) Especially since I haven't been too bad at all this whole 8 months so far.
Best Moment this Week:  Celebrated both Father's Day and my newphew's birthday today, got to spend some time with the whole family together which is always fun. My nieces and I tried to conquer a fondant birthday cake for my nephew, which we actually ended up spending two days on. I love working in the kitchen with them though....making memories and the cake turned out pretty fun, too, and definitely tasted great!
Looking forward to: Unfortunately, or maternity pictures were postponed, so hopefully we'll get them done this week sometime...still waiting to hear about when they'll be. We have an ultrasound in two days as well and my mama, sister and nieces are all going to come. I got to go to all three of my sisters ultrasounds with her kids, so I'm glad to be able to have everyone along for this last one. I can't wait to see her little face!

The Never-Ending Project~ Caroline's Nursery

Friday, June 15, 2012

I've come to the realization that the liklihood of Caroline's nursery being complete by the time she arrives is becoming less and less likely. While I'm busy fretting over getting everything perfect in there, which I know is unnecessary and completely secondary to her arriving healthy and happy, my husband is focused on getting our big never-ending basement project complete so that we can move the desk and filing cabinet out of her room...at this point, the basement doesn't even have flooring, furniture or most finishings, but I have faith in my hubby that he can have it finished in a couple of weeks if he says he can...only problem being, she could be here by then, so her nursery will be my primary focus for the next week. Here's a picture of it as is today...

Unfinished and clearly a mess. I hope to have her crib skirt that my mom and I are in the middle of making completed by the end of this weekend...it's going to be ruffled with gray seersucker, pink cotton and white cotton ruffles. We have everything cut to size, so all that left is the assembly, which will likely be the most time consuming and challenging part, but we'll figure it out. I did finally finish painting her wall monogram tonight.

I absolutely love it! I ordered it from Etsy, Trendy Trimming's shop, they also have a Facebook page. The monogram comes in unfinished so you can paint it any color you want. The best thing is that we'll be able to paint it to match any remodels we do in her room in the future as she grows.  I ordered the 24" and it was only $60 plus shipping, which if you look around, is one of the best prices you'll find on a monogram this size and it's a really great quality. It took about 4 coats of white paint, no primer, for me to get it the way I wanted it. Hoping to have it hung by the end of this weekend as well.
I also got lucky with the rug I wanted for her room. I found it on Pottery Barn Kids shortly after I decided I wanted a pink and gray nursery, but I've put off buying it because I do tend to procrastinate. This week, I found it on Ebay for $50 cheaper AND free shipping! It should arrive mid to late next week.

Then there's curtains, which I have had my eye on a set of white ruffled ones from Pottery Barn Kids as well. I found a DIY on making ruffled curtains from a flat sheet on Etsy, but I'm not sure if I'm up for yet another task to add to my list. I'd rather just buy them and have it done.

They seem kind of expensive for curtains, but then I realized that pretty much every pair of curtains I have hanging in my house are from Pottery Barn, they're a great quality and should match any room in the future.  We only have one window in the nursery, so I may end up getting these.  I've searched Ebay in the hopes of finding them, or finding a cheaper alternative that maintains the same quality, but haven't had any luck yet. I'm choosing to remain optimistic and keep searching.

The list of what we have left to do for the nursery alone is slightly overwhelming, but it's easier just to look at it one item at a time instead of looking at the project as a whole.
Left to Do:
Order curtains ??
Move out office furniture
Move in her dresser after painting it
Sew Crib Skirt and Crib Bunting
Make a slipcover for Glider and ottoman
Organize closet
Finish putting away shower gifts
Purchase changing pad and cover
Choose and order wall art
Find a side table to fit beside glider
A million other things I haven't thought of yet

J and Paper on Etsy

I like the prints above for her walls, the bottom one, not sure if I can get it in pink, gray and white or not. We've managed to save a ton of money thanks to my family through this nursery process. Using my dad's crib, my sister's glider and ottoman, a dresser that used to be in my room as a child, no to mention the fact that my sister gave us her Papisan chair, a swing and like a million other things. I know it will get finished, but I'll feel SO much better after it is!

And one last picture to enjoy...our little Dixie cup test driving the crib getting put together. haha. This poor dog has been a substitute baby for more things than you can imagine...I came home today to find my husband pushing her around in the stroller! More for his enjoyment that hers I'm sure, but she's always a good sport.

31 Weeks

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How far along? 31 weeks

Due Date: August 11, 2012, my prediction is that she'll come July 22 though

Total weight gain: 13 pounds

Maternity Clothes: My maternal America cropped jeans and white capris.  

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Wake up every few hours but I go right back to sleep

Miss Anything? Sunbathing all day. I still get in the pool, but have to wear SPF 70 just to be safe and I try not to stay out more than an hour. I miss shaving my legs being easy as well haha.  

Movement: Lots and lots! I love it. She's moving around much higher now too. I  can feel her kicks right around my rib cage.

Food cravings: I don't really crave anything specific lately. I do love that all the Farmer's Markets are opening up because I've always loved fresh fruits and veggies, so I'm excited to hit those!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, not really.

Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann

Symptoms: Nothing aside from the obvious, really. My feet get tired after i've been on them running around all day, but I'm sure that's just the extra weight. They don't swell or anything so that's good.

Belly Button: Same...halfsies

Rings: Still on

Happy or Moody: SO happy and excited!

Best Moment this Week:  FINALLY making progress on her nursery...walls painted, crib assembled, bedding and rug picked out, glider in but not recovered yet and gathering her wall decorations. It'll be done in another week or two hopefully

Looking forward to: Classes...childbirth and breastfeeding so I'll have some idea about what the heck to expect when she decides to arrive! This is one thing I can't imagine just going in to wing it, but we're running out of time! haha Also looking forward to her next and most likely final ultrasound next Tuesday. Aaaannnnd, we have maternity pictures this coming Friday!!! Juston is probably not excited about this at all, but he'll behave since he knows how excited I am about them!

Cradle Will Rock

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My sister hosted our baby shower 2 Sundays ago and worked her tail off doing it, but what I love about my family, is that everyone pitched in! The watermelon baby was my dad's handywork. He's one of those types who can look at anything and make it whether it's furniture or a fruit baby! My mom found the idea on Pinterest of course, where else? Then my sister put together a useful craft, a diaper cake with a monkey plush topper...
Like I said, the top is a super soft little stuffed animal, then the flowers are all hair bows, the layers are supported by rolled up burp cloths and the ribbon wrapper around each layer, I'm going to use on a gown that I'll monogram for her.

And not to be outdone, my husband made Caroline the cradle you see! Who knew how crafty a baby could make everyone feel! It still has to be stained a pecan color that we decided on, then we're going to get a brushed nickel plaque with Caroline's name and date of birth engraved on it. Hopefully, she'll use this cradle for her children and pass it down through the generations like the crib we're using for her has been.  The adults weren't the only ones showing off their talents though!

 The Pooh blanket inside the crib was sewn together by my 9-year-old niece. Pooh is her favorite and she was SO proud of this blanket. I can't wait for her to get to hold Caroline all wrapped up in it!

I've been working non-stop on getting all my thank you notes written and sent out from the shower so that everyone will know how very appreciative we are that they took time to think of us during such a special time. It's an honor to get to share a part of it with each person that came. Our cup runneth over...

New Baby Goodies

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It has definitely been a crazy busy couple of weeks and I don't think it's going to slow down any time soon! Our baby shower was 2 weeks ago, which made my heart so happy to see all of my wonderful friends and family, then two days later our sugar test doctor's appointment, which thankfully came back normal, followed the very next day by leaving for a week and a half vacation in South Carolina. I didn't have the chance to get anything put away from the shower before it was already time to leave for vacation! There was some progress made while I was gone with my family though...Juston had a conference for work, so he couldn't come on vacation. Instead, he used his free time to paint the baby's room like the good hubby that he is! The picture makes it hard to tell a lot about the color, but I love it! As you can see, we still have yet to move the office furniture out and her furniture in....we're slackers!
While her bedroom is finally starting to look like a little girl nursery, our room has been trashed! It's currently a storage room for all of our shower gifts and the things that were in the nursery before painting it!
While we were out of town for our doctor's appointment, we picked up some of my new favorite things for the baby, our stroller and a Nap Nanny!!! I was on the fence about the nap nanny since we have a papasan chair already, but after reading reviews on the Nap Nanny, everyone raved about how great they are, so I decided to go ahead and get it.

My baby project the week before we left for vacation was making a maternity maxi skirt, which I'll post pics of as soon as I get some. This week's project is making the ruffled crib skirt for the room, and possible some bunting with her name on it for the crib if I have anough fabric left over. My mama has been my sewing tutor along the way with these projects and we make a pretty great team!
I'm excited to share a really cute project my sister came up with from the baby shower as well as some photos once I get them! Wish us luck finishing the nursery over the next couple of weeks! I might have a panic attack if it doesn't get done VERY soon!
Also, wanted to share a super cute boutique we found while we were in Charleston called Kids on King. I found the most adorable smocked 3 piece outfit for the baby's baptism if we do it early on (I got a newborn size). It came with the dress, a bonnet and bloomers for like $40, which if you've priced smocked clothes, you know is a great price!

And last but not least, I found another shop in Myrtle Beach called Miss Master's, right off of King and got this adorable little smocked dress with pearl detail in an 18 month...it will be her Easter dress in 2 years! I know what I like when I find it! haha

30 Weeks

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How far along? 30 weeks

Due Date: August 11, 2012

Total weight gain: I haven't weighed since before we left on vacation...I'm honestly afraid to haha Charleston and dieting don't exactly mix, but I didn't go too crazy

Maternity Clothes: Not really...I lived in dresses and my bikini the last 2 weeks we've been on vacation 

Stretch marks? Nope, still using my Mustela and drinking water religiously hoping that that, combined with good genes will be enough

Sleep: Sleep great, but usually wake up around 2 and 6 to pee. Not usually any problem going right back to sleep though so it doesn't really bother me 

Best moment this week: I got to spend the last 2 weeks with my family! We went to Charleston and Myrtle beach and had the best time! Caroline really seemed to love Charleston because she moved more than she ever has while we were there! Good thing since she'll be spending lots of time there over the years
Miss Anything? Ummmm just the usual stuff like tummy sleeping, ham in my eggs and the other things I've mentioned. But I have to say, not worrying a bit about having a flat tummy at the beach was pretty nice for a change. Next summer will be a different story, so I'm living it up while I can

Movement: She moved around a ton all day and night while we were in Charleston, then once we hit the beach, she relazed like her mama! She did her usual night and morning moving around and not so much during the day.
Food cravings: I wanted Jestine's Kitchen's pecan crusted fried chicken and sweet tea so bad I couldn't stand it! If you're in Charleston any time soon, you must go and try this! Also, my Chik Fil A saga continues...I wanted my chicken minis something awful on the way home from the beach so I kept waiting and waiting on the drive home to eat breakfast knowing we'd pass on in SC someplace! Finally, 10 am rolled around and we still hadn't passed one, so I grabbed something at the gas station when we stopped.  Litereally, within 15 minutes of me eating, we passed SIX chik fil a's after not passing a single one! Are you kidding me?!!? 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, not really.

Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann

Symptoms: Belly button is popping out, along with my belly itself obviously, but no more dizzy spells this week thank the Lord! Passed my sugar test last week, too so feeling much better!

Belly Button: Still about half in and half out. It feels and looks SO weird!

Rings: Still on and fitting like they always have

Happy or Moody: One happy, humbled and blessed mama :)

Best Moment this Week: The whole week was great at the beach, but one of the highlights was going to the outlet and racking up for her at Carters, then hitting Kids on King in Charleston and Miss Masters in Myrtle Beach and finding some adorable smocked dresses 

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery finished! I feel like such a slacker! Juston painted her room while we were gone so at least that's finished, but it's still filled with furniture that has nothing to do with a nursery and the rest of our house is a disaster with all the baby's things from the shower in every single room. I can't finish the nursery until Juston finishes the beasement which may be a while. It's really stressing me out not having her room ready at this point!