The Never-Ending Project~ Caroline's Nursery

Friday, June 15, 2012

I've come to the realization that the liklihood of Caroline's nursery being complete by the time she arrives is becoming less and less likely. While I'm busy fretting over getting everything perfect in there, which I know is unnecessary and completely secondary to her arriving healthy and happy, my husband is focused on getting our big never-ending basement project complete so that we can move the desk and filing cabinet out of her this point, the basement doesn't even have flooring, furniture or most finishings, but I have faith in my hubby that he can have it finished in a couple of weeks if he says he can...only problem being, she could be here by then, so her nursery will be my primary focus for the next week. Here's a picture of it as is today...

Unfinished and clearly a mess. I hope to have her crib skirt that my mom and I are in the middle of making completed by the end of this's going to be ruffled with gray seersucker, pink cotton and white cotton ruffles. We have everything cut to size, so all that left is the assembly, which will likely be the most time consuming and challenging part, but we'll figure it out. I did finally finish painting her wall monogram tonight.

I absolutely love it! I ordered it from Etsy, Trendy Trimming's shop, they also have a Facebook page. The monogram comes in unfinished so you can paint it any color you want. The best thing is that we'll be able to paint it to match any remodels we do in her room in the future as she grows.  I ordered the 24" and it was only $60 plus shipping, which if you look around, is one of the best prices you'll find on a monogram this size and it's a really great quality. It took about 4 coats of white paint, no primer, for me to get it the way I wanted it. Hoping to have it hung by the end of this weekend as well.
I also got lucky with the rug I wanted for her room. I found it on Pottery Barn Kids shortly after I decided I wanted a pink and gray nursery, but I've put off buying it because I do tend to procrastinate. This week, I found it on Ebay for $50 cheaper AND free shipping! It should arrive mid to late next week.

Then there's curtains, which I have had my eye on a set of white ruffled ones from Pottery Barn Kids as well. I found a DIY on making ruffled curtains from a flat sheet on Etsy, but I'm not sure if I'm up for yet another task to add to my list. I'd rather just buy them and have it done.

They seem kind of expensive for curtains, but then I realized that pretty much every pair of curtains I have hanging in my house are from Pottery Barn, they're a great quality and should match any room in the future.  We only have one window in the nursery, so I may end up getting these.  I've searched Ebay in the hopes of finding them, or finding a cheaper alternative that maintains the same quality, but haven't had any luck yet. I'm choosing to remain optimistic and keep searching.

The list of what we have left to do for the nursery alone is slightly overwhelming, but it's easier just to look at it one item at a time instead of looking at the project as a whole.
Left to Do:
Order curtains ??
Move out office furniture
Move in her dresser after painting it
Sew Crib Skirt and Crib Bunting
Make a slipcover for Glider and ottoman
Organize closet
Finish putting away shower gifts
Purchase changing pad and cover
Choose and order wall art
Find a side table to fit beside glider
A million other things I haven't thought of yet

J and Paper on Etsy

I like the prints above for her walls, the bottom one, not sure if I can get it in pink, gray and white or not. We've managed to save a ton of money thanks to my family through this nursery process. Using my dad's crib, my sister's glider and ottoman, a dresser that used to be in my room as a child, no to mention the fact that my sister gave us her Papisan chair, a swing and like a million other things. I know it will get finished, but I'll feel SO much better after it is!

And one last picture to enjoy...our little Dixie cup test driving the crib getting put together. haha. This poor dog has been a substitute baby for more things than you can imagine...I came home today to find my husband pushing her around in the stroller! More for his enjoyment that hers I'm sure, but she's always a good sport.


  1. I am a new follower and just wanted to say I love your blog! My husband and I are expecting a little girl as well, but I have a little more time left than you (we're due September 23rd).

    While looking for curtains, I found one very similar white ruffled curtain on the Target website. is the link. I'll keep reading to see how Caroline's room turns out!

    My blog is I haven't posted many baby updates, but now that I'm off from teaching for the summer I plan to step up my blogging game.

  2. Ohhhh thank you SO MUCH!!! And congratulations on your little girl! They are too much fun to shop for! I will check out your blog now :)