New Baby Goodies

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It has definitely been a crazy busy couple of weeks and I don't think it's going to slow down any time soon! Our baby shower was 2 weeks ago, which made my heart so happy to see all of my wonderful friends and family, then two days later our sugar test doctor's appointment, which thankfully came back normal, followed the very next day by leaving for a week and a half vacation in South Carolina. I didn't have the chance to get anything put away from the shower before it was already time to leave for vacation! There was some progress made while I was gone with my family though...Juston had a conference for work, so he couldn't come on vacation. Instead, he used his free time to paint the baby's room like the good hubby that he is! The picture makes it hard to tell a lot about the color, but I love it! As you can see, we still have yet to move the office furniture out and her furniture in....we're slackers!
While her bedroom is finally starting to look like a little girl nursery, our room has been trashed! It's currently a storage room for all of our shower gifts and the things that were in the nursery before painting it!
While we were out of town for our doctor's appointment, we picked up some of my new favorite things for the baby, our stroller and a Nap Nanny!!! I was on the fence about the nap nanny since we have a papasan chair already, but after reading reviews on the Nap Nanny, everyone raved about how great they are, so I decided to go ahead and get it.

My baby project the week before we left for vacation was making a maternity maxi skirt, which I'll post pics of as soon as I get some. This week's project is making the ruffled crib skirt for the room, and possible some bunting with her name on it for the crib if I have anough fabric left over. My mama has been my sewing tutor along the way with these projects and we make a pretty great team!
I'm excited to share a really cute project my sister came up with from the baby shower as well as some photos once I get them! Wish us luck finishing the nursery over the next couple of weeks! I might have a panic attack if it doesn't get done VERY soon!
Also, wanted to share a super cute boutique we found while we were in Charleston called Kids on King. I found the most adorable smocked 3 piece outfit for the baby's baptism if we do it early on (I got a newborn size). It came with the dress, a bonnet and bloomers for like $40, which if you've priced smocked clothes, you know is a great price!

And last but not least, I found another shop in Myrtle Beach called Miss Master's, right off of King and got this adorable little smocked dress with pearl detail in an 18 will be her Easter dress in 2 years! I know what I like when I find it! haha

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