Ruffled Crib Skirt

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm so excited to have this project finished! I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get it complete, but a couple of amateur seamstresses managed to bring it together. Just a disclaimer, be prepared to measure, cut, pin, iron and stitch till you're blue in the face! 
I picked out the fabrics I wanted for our ruffled crib skirt a few weeks ago before anything else had been done to the nursery at all and the design for Caroline's nursery pretty much all came from the fabric for her crib skirt. The gray and white striped fabric is a seersucker, the pink is more of a linen fabric and the white is a sort of jersey a disclaimer, DO NOT use this jersey knit for the base of your skirt like I did, you will drive yourself crazy working with it! Use a flat sheet or a non-stretchy fabric.

The stips shown above are folded. This is not their length.
We cut the deck and panels for the front and sides first, then cut the strips for the ruffles. The deck is the size of your crib, most will be 52" x 28". An easy way to do this would be to lay your matress on top of the fabric, mark around it with a fabric pen or pencil (it won't show), then cut it out. I made my panels 16" long so that the bottom ruffle would go all the way to the ground. Side panels are 28.5" x 16" and front panel is 52.5" x 16". You want enough extra to hem the sides when sewing it to the deck. You cut the ruffled strips twice the length of your panels. Ruffle strips were all cut 6". The tutorial I used said to cut the top ruffle 5" and the rest 6", but I cut them all the same and just hemmed the bottom of the top one a whole inch instead of a shorter hem like we did on the rest of the ruffles 
Run a basting stitch the length of your ruffle strips, then gently pull your ruffles so that they're the length of the panels. Pin the top ruffle to the panel wrong sides facing so that when you flip the ruffle over, you have a clean hem and no raw edges. We then measured bottom up for our other ruffles, pinned the heck out of them, then stitched them on. Our second ruffle was 11" from the bottom, the third ruffle was 6" from the bottom and the bottom ruffle was 2" from the bottom. Also, we left a 1" foldover on the top.
Once all the ruffles were sewn on, we attached the panels to the deck. We put a 1/2" hem on the sides of the deck just to match up with the panels. Pinned the panels, then sewed this sucker together and...

This is how it turned out! It's so perfect for her room! Exactly what I envisioned! I don't know if my mama knew the amount of work would go into this thing when she agreed to help me with it! haha But we had fun. We spread ours out over about a week, working a couple hours a day on it. I'd say in all we spent about 12 hours start to finish. More experienced seamstresses could do it quicker. Also, worth noting that this is NOT meant to be a tutorial! We used this link for our instructions. I found quite a few variations, but this seemed the most user friendly, which was important for us. It looks great with how her room is coming together and as frustrated as both of us got a certain points, I love being able to say my mama and I made this for my little one! Hopefully, she'll appreciate it!


  1. I stubled onto your blog post through pinterest. I am curious as to where you got the sleep positioner that is in the crib. Would you mind telling me?
    My email is erin(dot)linford(at)cox(dot)net Thanks!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting :) That's our Nap Nanny and we got it at Babies R Us about a year ago. I know they've been recalled since then so I don't know if they're still sold or not? We've never had a problem with ours.

  3. I was wondering, when you lowered the crib mattress, was the dust ruffle then too long and bunched up on the floor since you made the panels 16"?


    1. Hi! We never lowered her crib since it's so old. I don't think it can adjust! Haha. It's was my dads. It would probably bunch if I had, but with the way the layers are, I think you could just tuck the bottom most layer under and sort of hide it.