34 Weeks

Monday, July 2, 2012

How far along? 34 Weeks...8 1/2 months! Wow, this has flown by!
Due Date: August 11, 2012, but thinking it'll be a slightly early arrival, which means it'll probably be September haha
Total weight gain: 18 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Nope, just hanging out in the pool...it's been in the 100's for the last week!
Stretch marks? No, but heading to Babies R Us this week to re-stock on Mustela! 
Sleep: Sleeping very well. Lord knows I need to now since everyone says I won't ever sleep well again for the rest of all time! haha I think some people are dramatic.
Miss Anything? Oh just my usual workout routine and not feeling large and in charge in a bikini. Might as well enjoy letting my belly hang out while people think it's cute. I won't have this excuse next summer!
Movement: Been a bit more active this week than she was last, plus, for the first time ever, she's had the hiccups!
Food cravings: Nothing really in particular. Already thinking ahead to my clean eating mode I'll be in after baby girl arrives
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I'm pretty sure I'm past that stage.
Gender: Baby Girl, Caroline Leeann
Symptoms: Some hip soreness right after I get up...and of course, I've been nesting like a mad lady! But the house looks great!
Belly Button: Out a little more than it was. My niece is constantly poking it which drives me insane! haha
Rings: On
Happy or Moody: Happy :)
Best Moment this Week:  Feeling her have the hiccups! It was just so cute :)
Looking forward to: Praying for a good checkup this week, hopefully getting carpet laid in our basement, which means getting the rest of the office furniture out of her room, which in turn means FINALLY finishing her nursery!!! 

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