36 Weeks

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How far along? 36 Weeks...starting to freak out about the impending due date!
Due Date: August 11, 2012 and I can't imagine how much bigger my tummy can get at this point
Total weight gain: 19 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Maxi dresses...I'm pretty proud to say I've gone through this entire pregnancy and only bought 2 pairs of maternity pants...everything else is just clothes that are stretchy fabric with empire waist or big t-shirts with yoga pants.  I can  even still manage to squeeze into my Soffee shorts when I feel like it
Stretch marks: No, but I feel like the longer I go the more nervous I get every morning when I check. I'm staying hopeful, but I can't imagine how much more my tummy can stretch. I already feel like she could pop out at any moment haha
Sleep: Not as great this week, but still not bad...my hip pops every time I turn from one side to the other and naturally, I have to wake up to pee, but usually only once a night, thank the Lord. It's more that I have trouble going back to sleep after I wake up in the middle of the night. I start thinking about the fact that the baby will be here SO SOON and freak out a little bit.
Miss Anything: Being comfortable sitting down was a luxury I never realized I was taking for granted.
Movement: I swear, she moves more now than she ever has. Seems like she gets the hiccups every day at least once now that she's discovered them. She also loves to ball up high on my right side. 

Food cravings: Not really food, but I've wanted water soooo bad all day every day!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not a thing
Symptoms: Lots of pressure in my stomach, hips and back are staying sore more throughout the day now and that pain on my right side under my ribs is back with a vengeance! I'm in the home stretch now though, time to suck it up! 
Belly Button: Out as much as it'll go with my belly button appendicitis scar. The bottom can't pop out haha
Rings: Still on
Happy or Moody: Happy :)
Pregnancy Workout: I wish I'd thought to do this forever ago, but oh well...I walk for about 20 minutes every night, do a 10 minute leg workout in the pool every day and do an upper body weight routine about 3 days a week. Just a circuit to hit every major muscle group in the upper body. It's something different every time and I always just use my 10 pound dumbbells. 
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: People who think "fat" comments or jokes are acceptable to pregnant women. Not funny
Best Moment this Week:  We had the sweetest girls host a baby shower in Paris for us this week. It was a great time!
Looking forward to: Sharing her nursery with everyone! My parents saw it finished for the first time today and so did my sister and nieces. Naturally, now that it's finished, I've decided it's not finished and I want to add bunting to the crib, which is almost finished, and my favorite scripture on canvas to one wall, so I guess it's technically still not finished...but it's my original version of finished. I think I missed my calling doing interior design, it is just so much fun! Pinterest has turned me into a project-a-holic. I can't stop taking on new projects, most of which involve my mom's, dad's or husbands assistance haha. 

Our shower cake :)

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