37 Weeks

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How far along: 37 Weeks...baby girl was officially full term yesterday!
Due Date: August 11, 2012...getting lots of predictions from the family about her arrival though...I say July 22nd (which isn't looking correct), Juston thinks August 1, my mom thinks August 1, my sister originally said July 25, but has changed her mind and now thinks August 2, my dad has made no predictions and my nieces want her here yesterday. My opinion is that she's going to show up when she's good and ready haha. 
Total weight gain: 19 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Just the couple pairs of capri pants, regular yoga pants with the fold-over waistband pulled up (looks amazing!), and empire waisted, long dresses.  Shorter dresses are slightly indecent at this point since they raise up so much in the front.
Stretch marks: Nope...fingers crossed, Mustela usage upped and praying my good genetics will carry me just a bit further until she's out!
Sleep: I have still been sleeping pretty well, but this week, I can honestly say I've felt pretty worn out for the first time this whole pregnancy. I could honestly take a nap about an hour after I get up for the day, but I am just not a napper typically. 
Miss Anything: I legitimately breath like a 400 pound asthmatic running a marathon while I'm taking my walks at night.  Baby gets more room than lungs evidently. I have to admit, I'll miss feeling her roll around and wiggle in my tummy when she's out. I told Juston, it will be pretty odd to NOT have her in there since I have been feeling her move around for so long now. 
Movement: I swear, she moves more now than she ever has. Seems like she gets the hiccups every day at least once now that she's discovered them. She also loves to ball up high on my right side. 

Food cravings: My sweet tooth has been taking over this week...probably because it knows it's days are numbered! Mostly, chocolate seems to be what I want, which is odd since it would typically be ice cream.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've not really been feeling red meat much the last few days, but I wouldn't say it makes me queasy.
Symptoms: Lots of pressure in my stomach, hips and back are staying sore more throughout the day now, had two nosebleeds this week (What the Heck!) and my gums have been more sensitive than usual when I floss. Oh and the bottoms of my feel hurt pretty bad, I guess from the extra weight they're not used to carrying around! 
Belly Button: Out as much as it'll go with my belly button appendicitis scar. The bottom can't pop out haha
Rings: I did take my rings off this week.  They were still fitting fine, except after I would walk or exercise, then they started feeling a little bit tight...tight enough to make me nervous and go ahead and take them off just to be safe. I'd really hate to have to take them off at the hospital.
Happy or Moody: Happy but pretty worn out, too!
Pregnancy Workout: This week, I've just been walking for about 20-30 minutes at night and doing some easy peasy leg exercises with my ankle weights.  I will be so happy to get back into a regular, challenging workout routine as soon as I'm allowed to! 
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: Not that I think pregnant women are entitled to any sort of special treatment that regular people shouldn't get, but I was at the post office this week, clearly waiting in line while sealing up my package when this rude older man cut right in front of me. Seriously?? Pregnant may not equal special treatment, but a little common courtesy is always nice pregnant or not.
Labor Signs: Nothing that I would notice, but at my appointment I was 2 centimeters and 50% effaced.
Best Moment this Week:  Nursery completion...check. 
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby! There's so much that my husband and I talk about wanting for her in so many aspects of her life and I feel pretty ready to be a mama, at least as ready as I could feel. Good thing we don't have long to wait now! 


  1. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I came across it on pinterest looking for some ideas for my soon to be born baby girl and you have the cutest things! Also I love the dress you are wearing in this picture...it is super cute...if its not too rude, can I ask where you got it? Also, congrats on your baby girl! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I got the dress from The Blue Door Boutique's online shop...they have the cutest stuff really reasonable! www.thebluedoorboutique.com I'm warning you though...it's highly addicting! haha Hope everything goes great with you and your little one :)