38 Weeks

Friday, July 27, 2012

How far along: 38 Weeks...stiiilllll pregnant
Due Date: August 11, 2012...looking like that'll be the day she comes, too! haha
Total weight gain: 18-20 pounds...depends on the day I weigh. I always weigh the same time of day and before I eat or drink, but it has fluctuated this week those two pounds
Maternity Clothes: still the same 2 pairs, maxi dresses, a couple maxi skirts, yoga pants and my swimsuit
Stretch marks: Nope...I just pray it stays that way because I feel SO much bigger than I have up to this point!
Sleep: Not so great this week. I have trouble going to sleep because I keep waiting for some sign that the baby is getting ready to make her arrival.  Then once I get to sleep, I wake up almost every hour to pee, which I hope means she's dropped and ready to come out VERY soon! 
Miss Anything: The list grows, but I'm still so excited for baby girl to get here. It'll be worth missing every little thing when we get to hold our healthy baby girl one day very soon! 
Movement: She has slowed down a lot this week...obviously running out of room (I started to be cheesy and put womb there, but I controlled myself haha)

Food cravings: Nothing really. Not been very hungry lately since I fill up so easily. Baby room trumps stomach room in there I reckon.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Does the thought of labor and delivery count? haha
Symptoms: LOTS of pressure in my stomach, hips pop and hurt, sore feet but still not swelling, feeling more tired than I have been 
Belly Button: Pretty well out there
Rings: My rings are off :( I feel naked without them!  Other than to clean them, I haven't taken them off in nearly five years. They weren't too tight yet, but I could tell it wouldn't be long. 
Happy or Moody: Still very happy and thankful, but sort of over being pregnant and ready to just have her here!
Pregnancy Workout: Slowing down, but still trying to stay as active as I comfortably can. Walking every night it doesn't rain, swimming my laps and doing some leg work in the pool and used ankle weights quite a bit this week as well. Thinking that during the time I'm not allowed to workout after birth, I can strap those ankle weights on for some light resistance work.
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: 
Labor Signs: 3 cm and 75% this week, what I think were Braxton Hicks contractions since they didn't lead to anything else, lots of pressure low in my tummy and I think the baby has dropped but I'm not really that sure. Lots of symptoms, but still no baby!
Best Moment this Week:  Just trying to enjoy our last days as a family of two (four if you count the puppies, which we do) before the baby decides she's ready to come out. Lots of nights "in" just making dinner together and talking about what lies ahead for us!
Looking forward to: Baby Day! Is it here yet???

Also, a sidebar...I've avoided reading too much about the whole labor and delivery process up to this point, aside from what we learned in our classes, however, this week I read up on some people's experiences and I would like to make a motion to change some terminology that's popular..."Ring of Fire" and "Bloody Show" are at the top of my list...no wonder so many first time mama's are so terrified of giving birth (myself among them). We really couldn't think of a better name for things like this?  Points for being self-explanatory, but still...

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