A Gift for the Daddy-To-Be

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I decided that with myself and baby girl getting so much attention now and in the weeks to come, my hubby might be feeling a little bit neglected, so I decided to make him his own little Daddy-to-Be gift basket. It wasn't much, just some little things thrown together to let him know he's appreciated :)

"I'll Love You Forever" and "Guess How Much I Love You" Books
Soothie pacifier pack and lavender lotion for when she gets fussy
Johnson's face and hand wipes for when one of the two of them makes a mess
Beef Jerky and Hot Tamales for my hot hubby to take to the hospital
A Camo bib since I have a strong suspicion he will have her shooting, fishing, etc in no time
A couple of Daddy's Girl outfits by Carter's with some socks
Dunkin Donuts coffee for early mornings that follow late nights 
And most importantly, his favorite Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale beer for when the coffee just won't cut it!

Like I said, nothing major, but daddy's need to know they're appreciated, too. Not that I mind being the one getting the attention for the time being, but it's always nice to do things for the people you love. And I'm sure he will more than earn it in the days following little Caroline's arrival! Now, I should probably make one of these for my parents and sister, too since I'm sure we'll be keeping them busy as well! haha

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