Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few weeks ago, Juston and I took our last pre-baby trip to a picturesque little mountain town in North Carolina, Waynesville. It's nestled in the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains and could not be more beautiful. North Carolina is one of our two favorite states to visit, so it was a natural choice to pick a town here. While there are countless things to do outdoors here, hiking trails everywhere you look, golf courses aplenty and horseback riding, the weather was pretty rainy and chili while we were there, so we just relaxed around our lodge and walked around the historic downtown district checking out all the local shops.
There were lots of bakeries, second hand shops with everything from furniture to cloths, and books and anything in between, an adorable little dog bakery where we picked up some treats for Lucy and Dixie (BBQ flavored of course), my favorite store was the Mast General Store, pictured above. It was so old school quaint which means right up my alley! They had barrels of some of my favorite candies as a kid, coolers of Cheerwine (!) and lots of gifts for anyone you could imagine. We picked up some adorable little books for baby Caroline, the Golden Book of Prayers and a Mommy and Me cookbook. 
Moseying around the historic district, you see lots of quirky little statues like the little fellas pictured above. It's such a neat little town, I'm sure we'll end up going back one of these days. 
The golf lodge where we stayed

I would definitely recommend that anyone expecting a little one make the time to take a trip to unwind and just be together as a couple before you get back to the craziness that is prepping for baby. Even if it's just for a day or two (we went for three days and two nights) it's worth it! Our trip was a few weeks ago, I wouldn't be brave enough to be this far away from my doctor at this point, but there were a few essentials that I had to take with me on the road.

My King Sized Pillow...I don't really know why, but I felt more comfortable on the road hugging my pillow over my bump. It also came in handy for napping along the way :) And I sleep hugging it every night so it had to come along
BIG Water Bottle... All day, every day, I drink lost and lots of water! It's obviously so important, but it just makes me feel better to stay well hydrated, especially when traveling. Obviously, this lends itself to more stops along the way, but I have a patient husband who drinks as much water as I do.
Healthy Snacks...Apples, oranges, bananas, plus a cooler with strawberries, grapes and extra water. We also pack less perishable snacks like wheat thins, peanut butter and wheat bread. Not only is it cheaper, but we are still eating healthier than we would had we not come prepared. 
Pure Barre DVD's and Equipment... While I didn't have time to use them on this trip, I always like to tote them along just in case I do. We spent most of our days walking anyway, so I still got my exercise. 
Reading Materials... I got lucky and the new Fit Pregnancy magazine had just come out right before we hit the road. It came in handy for the 5 hour trip and always has some great info in it. And how perfect that a fellow Kentuckian was on the cover!
In an unrelated, but super cute note, baby girl had hiccups for the first time yesterday! Since I was at my parents house when it happened, they got to feel her move around for the first time! Then, she did it again tonight and Juston got to feel her doing it, which was awesome since she's usually stubborn and won't hardly move anytime he's around and or awake. 

Happy Babymooning!

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