Bitty Baby Goodies

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I ordered a few accessories for Caroline's car seat a couple of weeks ago off of Etsy, where else?  And they are too cute! The reversible car seat strap covers are from The Sleeping Babe and the buckle protector is from 2 Teens and a Toddler.  I was considering doing an entire car seat cover for her canopy and seat and everything, but they're all so expensive and I figured at some point I could use common sense and not spend that money on something she'd use less than a year most likely. However, I still consider the argument that with a carseat cover, you can remove the cover and wash it whenever there's a mess to be cleaned up. The jury's out on that one...if I find one that's cute and reasonably priced, she may end up with one. If not, oh well.

Moving on to her nursery, I had a changing pad cover from Babies R Us, but it didn't fit properly and I couldn't find another one in our local ship that I liked, so, Etsy again came to the rescue with Mia Bella Bella and I found this one...
Still waiting on it to ship, but I'm excited to get everything wrapped up in her room. I did finally break down and just order her the ruffled sheers from Pottery Barn. I contemplated trying to make them, but I'm ruffled out after the crib skirt for the time being, so I just ordered them in lieu of doing another sewing project instead. More on that later...But as far as her nursery goes, I am fully expecting the biggest things to be completed by this weekend. Other than waiting on her curtains, changing pad cover and a few finishing touches, it should all be finished, which could not make my any happier!

I also found some of the cutest little things any proper southern chick should have!
Heads N Toes on Etsy

So cute, I just can't stand it!

In other news, our 34 Week check-up went great. Hadn't gained any weight from the last appointment, but measurements all looked great! I also took a tour of the actual birthing suits at our parents went with me since Juston couldn't get off work, but the staff we met were very sweet and put my mind a bit more at ease about the whole process.  As did the education classes I had the week before. I had a breastfeeding class I went to solo and much to my surprise, in a full class, there was only one other woman who didn't bring her husband with her. I never dreamed about dragging Juston along to this, but the best part was at the end of class during the question segment, it was all the husbands  hands shooting up to ask a million different things! It was awesome and comical all at the same time! Juston wouldn't be caught dead raising his hand to ask a question about a breast pump unless it's where to find one on sale for cheap. Then we both had a childbirth class the next night we went to together, in which they basically instructed the hubbys to do anything their baby mamas wanted in the weeks leading up to the birth and the weeks after.  Definitely a class worth attending :)
In all seriousness, these classes put my mind much more at ease about the whole process. I have no doubt it's going to hurt like Hell, but obviously the end justifies the means. Now it's all just a waiting game and we're on Caroline's clock...for at least the next 18 years anyway. We have plenty to get done in the mean time and are trying to squeeze in as many date nights in or out as possible.

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