If it Doesn't Move...Monogram It

Saturday, July 14, 2012

As a general rule, I try not to go too nuts with monogramming things for the baby (definitions of "too nuts" may vary). In the event that our second child would be a girl, we'd have to give her the same initials, the same name or buy all new stuff when what we'll already have will presumably be perfectly fine. However, some things are just begging to be monogrammed (well, everything, but some more than others!). I found the most adorable website that has the cutest monogrammable wares for baby Caroline. I've added pictures of my favorites!

She will be sporting these on her first beach vacation next summer! And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll find a hat to match. Seriously, monogrammed AND seersucker...two of my favorite things!

Absolutely love this hairbow and it's something she won't outgrow for quite a few years!
I just adore pillowcase dresses, especially this one. I'd love to get Caroline and my sister's girls all the same dress, but one of her girls is HIGHLY opposed to dresses.

Why yes, I absolutely would monogram a trash can, why not? I think I'd do gray initial and bow though. 

Love this bib, but would hate to see her spit up all over it haha. My mom is actually working on cross-stitching her a bib very similar to this one, but trimmed in lace instead.

All of the items pictured above come from Tiny Tulip.  You're welcome;) 

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