39 Weeks

Friday, August 3, 2012

How far along: 39 Weeks...are you kidding me?
Due Date: August 11, 2023...at least that's what it feels like
Total weight gain: 18 pounds last time I weighed
Maternity Clothes: still the same 2 pairs, maxi dresses, a couple maxi skirts, yoga pants and my swimsuit
Stretch marks: Nope but it's probably going to be inevitable once I hit the 45th week of pregnancy which is rapidly approaching
Sleep: Eh...not terrible  but not great. A lot of up and down through the night. 
Miss Anything: My normal body, in particular my boobs and stomach. I'm not a fan of feeling huge anymore. I didn't mind letting my preggo belly hang out, but now I'm ready to get back my abs.
Movement: Not much...she's just messing with me at this point making me think she's going to come out. Well played, baby. 

Food cravings: Ugh, I don't even really like the thought of much anything these days. When I already feel like my tight as a drum tummy is going to pop like a balloon, it's hard to be too awdul hungry.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, just not hungry in general for the most part.
Symptoms: Hugeness, Pressure, my poor old sore hips, fake contractions occasionally, back pain, general discomfort existing, tired of still being pregnant (I was warned I'd hit the wall and this week I officially did it)
Belly Button: Pretty well out there
Rings: My rings are off :( 
Happy or Moody: Not gonna lie, been a real b*tch this week! I'm just so over being pregnant. I set myself up to get to this point though because I was convinced I wouldn't still be pregnant when August rolled around. I thought I'd hit 37 weeks and go any day after that if not sooner...again, well played, baby. 
Pregnancy Workout: My daily walks are pretty much it these days. 
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: Still being pregnant haha just kidding...sort of
Labor Signs: 3 cm and 80% at the beginning of this week, loss of mucus plug, lots of pressure low in my big ole tummy and I think the baby has dropped but I'm not really that sure. Lots of symptoms, but still no baby! 
Best Moment this Week:  Hoping that'll be tomorrow when we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! We went to St Lucia for our honeymoon so I always make a Carribean dinner, same one every year. Jerk pork chops, coconut fried shrimp, spicy rice, and coconut lime souffle. 
Looking forward to: Our anniversary, which is August 4 and my birthday, which is the 7th. I LOVE birthdays, especially when they're mine:) They always mean homemade ice cream, my parents birthday specialty!!!

My nieces and nephew made me an early b-day cake :)


  1. first of all, WOW! You look fabulous!.... 39 weeks! Incredible. Secondly... You gotta post the recipes for your caribbean dinner! Sounds fab. We went to Peter Island (12 years ago!) so I might have to steal your tradition.

    1. I stole my recipes from a Paula Deen episode ;) The link to everything is http://www.foodnetwork.com/paulas-home-cooking/caribbean-cooking/index.html and it's all AWESOME! And thank you so much!! It's definitely my husbands favorite tradition! hahah