Caroline's Grand Entrance Part 1...Just Getting There is Half the Battle

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I guess I suspected all along through this pregnancy that the likelihood of spending my birthday in labor was a very real one, but I did a very thorough job of convincing myself that surely the baby would be here before August 7...wrong. Monday, August 6, we went in for our 39 week checkup...just a typical, quick appointment...still 3 centimeters dilated and 80% thinned, nothing new from the previous week, so the doctor wanted to go ahead and schedule us for an induction. We were all set for Wednesday, August 8 at 5 am. Part of me really liked the idea of having the birth scheduled so that we knew exactly how long we had to finish the things that still needed to be done and we could mentally prepare for the process in the meantime. Since I'd had no true signs of going into labor anytime soon, I thought surely 24 hours wouldn't find us with a baby...again, wrong.
We drove back home after the doctors appointment and I got in the pool the whole afternoon. I did notice that my lower stomach was achy and had some pressure, but I just assumed it was from being accosted by a different doctor at my appointment when she stripped my membranes and checked for dilation. I had some sporadic contractions throughout the day, too, but I'd had those after the last two doctor's appointments so I didn't think much of it. Before I left my parents house, BOTH of my parents made it a point to tell me that they'd be waiting on my late night phone call that we were heading to the hospital since they knew Caroline was going to come on my birthday. How do parents just know everything? 
Around 10:00 that night, I my contractions were coming closer together and with regularity, about every 10-12 minutes, so I went ahead and cleaned up the house and jumped in the shower just to be safe before I went to bed. Well, I laid there timing my contractions, which were now starting in my back until they were 8 minutes apart for about an hour and decided it would probably be a good idea to wake my husband up. I packed up my cosmetic bag and what needed to be thrown in my hospital bag before waking Juston. His eyes were the size of saucers when he figured out why I was waking him up...he thought he's just overslept for work until he looked at the clock. 
By 2 am we were in the car and on our way to Lexington, what would typically be about an hour and fifteen minute trip, we made in about 45 minutes. My contractions were REALLY coming on strong on the drive over there, so I felt EVERY SINGLE bump and dip in the road, which it's worth noting that out of  about 65 miles of road between home and Lexington, roughly 40 miles are currently under construction.

Juston clocked about 75 mph the whole way, stopping before running red lights...which we of course did right as a police officer was passing us going the other direction with about 15 miles left before we were at the hospital. I saw the car turn around and started cussing immediately since I knew we were going to have to stop. The cop followed us for about 2 annoying miles the way they love to do before turning their lights on and pulling us over. She obviously ended up letting us go, but not before asking how I was and where we were having the baby...seriously, Lady?

Once we finally got over the million excruciating speed bumps that surround the hospital parking lot, we parked (luckily on the first floor), unloaded our three bags and pillow and marched to the door we've gone in for every single appointment we've had...locked. Are you kidding me. Pushing the buzzer by the door, we were notified that we couldn't enter that door at 3 in the morning...even in labor. So we had to trek back to our car, put all the bags back up and drive to the opposite end of the hospital over 13466 more speed bumps to the emergency room. Everything went really quickly. We checked in and waited for my wheelchair crew to whisk me away to the maternity floor. Normally, I would have protested riding in the chair, but mid-contraction, it was quite an appealing option so I just sat myself down, carried my pillow and tried not to be terrified about what the rest of the day was going to bring.

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