Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whoa...Today, Juston and I have been married for five years and they have absolutely flown by! Happy Anniversary to us!
We were rocking the 'around the door' pic long before Pinterest made it cool! haha

Can't wait to be this small again...seems like a lifetime ago!

I get this same bouquet of flowers every year for our anniversary...wish I could credit Juston for remembering what they are, but it's actually the Kroger flower lady who still remembers, bless her heart. He calls and asks for the wedding flowers and she hooks him up!

My little flower chicks...how cute are my nieces! Their dresses were hand made by a relative with detachable trains to match mine.

Something new...pearl bracelet from my parents.

Some of the most amazing ladies I know!

Daddy/ Daughter dance to Tim McGraw

Mama/ Daughter moment getting ready

Such a great day! All of these photos were taken by friends...our wedding photographers ended up being pretty terrible but luckily we know some pretty sweet amateur photographers haha

It's been an awesome five years and it's about to get even more interesting with our new addition on the way. Here's to many, many more!

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