Posh Pusher Gowns

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In the interest of only buying practical things for pregnancy, I got one of these adorable Posh Pusher hospital gowns for whenever this baby decides she's ready to make her grand arrival. I've seen on Pinterest how to make your own, but these were too cute to pass up!
 Pictured above is how the gown will come to you when you get it in the mail. There are tons of different fabrics to choose from and they even do some matching layette sets for baby as well, which surprisingly enough, I did not order.
I do recognize that this purchase is superfluous and the gown will likely get ruined anyway, but it's cute and I wanted it...and those two reasons are good enough for me :) My pattern is called The Hampton and you can choose the color sash you want with your gown. There are snaps at the shoulders for if you choose to breastfeed or do Kangaroo Care after birth, which I plan to do both. The back has Velcro closures. I may add one more to it just for comfort measures while traipsing around the hospital so everything the good Lord gave me isn't out for all to see.
You can check out all the cute patterns via the Posh Pushers Facebook Page or through their new Posh Pushers website.
In baby update news, we go for our 39 year checkup tomorrow morning. Maybe she'll decide to arrive in the meantime...doubtful, but I guess I'll keep hope alive. On the bright side, I can only be pregnant for another week at the most since my doctor will induce the day after you're due. I mean seriously, who really stays pregnant for 40 weeks anymore? This chick, I reckon. Wish us luck at our check-up! Here's hoping she's still under 20 pounds.


  1. Hi there. I know I'm random internet stranger but I've been lurking. I'm a doula and a LOT of people choose to let their baby come in his/her own time. Myself included. My daughter was born at 42 weeks 0 days. I had hip pain so crushing that I couldn't walk at my own baby shower. I had what was called hyperemisis gravidosum or severe morning sickness for my ENTIRE pregnancy. I lost nearly 30% of my body weight in my first two trimesters. Elective induction for non medical reasons is really common now but it comes with a whole set of risks that you should consider and more and more doctors are refusing to induce before 41 weeks. It doubles your risk of a c-section, has the same risk of uterine rupture as a woman attempting a vaginal birth after c-section,your baby will likely experience fetal distress, and the contractions for you are extremely painful compared to non induced labor. You mention wanting to breastfeed. Babies born after inductions (and especially after c-sections) have a huge disadvantage when it comes to establishing a breastfeeding relationship. The average delivery date (average NOT longest) for a first time mother is 41 weeks and 1 day. "EDD" stands for estimated due date not eviction date.

    I know I'm someone you don't know but before insisting on an induction you might want to read about the risks and benefits. You wouldn't want to trade the things you REALLY want for labor/delivery/postpartum/nursing for convenience.

    Oh and for the hip pain. You might have your husband help you with the "double hip squeeze". Here's a decent description: http://www.babybumpservices.com/peek-inside/what-is-the-double-hip-squeeze-and-how-do-you-do-it/

    You also will want to not sit on couch/chairs. Sit "Indian Style" on the floor or squat down (it will be hard at first if you haven't been practicing.) The way we sit in soft chairs tilts the pelvis in a way that isn't optimal for baby. (Side benefit: baby can move down into the pelvis better...making labor more imminent) When squatting keep your heels flat on the ground and squat This will help immensely with the pain.

  2. Thank you for the tips. The Dr's didn't really mention any of the side effects but luckily, baby girl ended up coming on her own anyway on my birthday! :) Thank you for the tips though so I'll know for the next time. I wish I'd known about the hip relief a few months ago! haha