The First Week Home...Survival of the Fittest

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The first week home was definitely an exciting, scary and exhausting one to say the least. So many new things to learn, navigating the pitfalls of breastfeeding, trying to catch a wink of sleep around a non-existent baby schedule, acclimating our poor, surprised puppies to the newest member of our one-man pack. There were a few things that made the adjustment to having a newborn in the house easier, aside from my parents and sister and her kids stopping in every day to help with the baby or around the house. Thank God for my family! I'd be lost without them. These are my must-have items for the first few days we were home that I'm still utilizing pretty much every day.
I <3 my Boppy pillow! We got ours at the baby shower my sister hosted. It has the pink polka dot cover pictured above from Pottery Barn. I absolutely love this thing for nursing, it makes it so much more comfortable. I've also found my husband and dad with it on the couch more than once. Juston likes to think of it as his new napping pillow apparently. Maybe I should have registered for two?
Love, love, LOVE Burt's Bees products! Both for myself and my baby. I love the fact that the line is all natural and made in the South...doesn't get much better! I use the tear-free shampoo and the buttermilk baby lotion post-bath for Caroline. 

I've used the Burt's Bees Beeswax balm for years, but never more than in the days following Caroline's birth, not only in the hospital but once we got home even more so. 

Pretty much in love with my Baby K'Tan that Juston got for me. I didn't use it for the first few days because obviously, it wouldn't have been the most comfortable thing to do and I was still having some back pain in the first couple of days after giving birth. But since then, Caroline loves snuggling up in it and it frees me up to be able to do things around the house that can't get done when she's insisting on being held, which she tends to do some days. 

I don't want to put Caroline in her crib until I'm no longer breastfeeding, mostly for convenience reasons, but I wouldn't sleep a bit if she was that far away from me. We tried her cradle, but she wouldn't stay asleep in there for some reason...enter the Papasan chair my sister gave us. Juston swaddles her up nice and tight and she sleeps better here than anyplace else. We do have a Nap Nanny, but according to the label, babies under 8 pounds aren't to use it, and Caroline has still not climbed back up to her original birth weight, so we've got a couple of pounds to go until we can give it a shot.

These maxi dresses, which I have in 4 colors from The Blue Door Boutique, worked perfect for nursing. I wore one home from the hospital, and wore the others in the days following. They're perfect for nursing since the fabric has stretch and I can just slip the shoulders off to feed the baby. Plus, who doesn't feel better wearing a cute dress? Not to mention the fact that it's as comfortable as a nightgown, but looks presentable for all the company we had in the days following our homecoming (which is exhausting by the way! Try to keep visitors at bay for at least the first 4-5 days after you're home, or at least limit them as much as possible and limit to the people who will come and help, like your mama).
Talk about a lifesaver for your boobies! I was pretty sore the first few days of breastfeeding, so I was, and am using this stuff pretty religiously. You'll definitely want some of this if you intend to breastfeed. It's natural and safe for the baby. 

And finally, my Medela sleep bra for nursing. I love these and wear them all the time! The material is just a stretchy knit so it doesn't hurt to wear like some of the thicker ones do.

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