Caroline's 1 Month

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm a little late posting this one since Caroline will be six weeks this Tuesday, but doing anything is a bit more challenging these days.

Baby: Caroline Leeann
Age: One month
Birthday: August 7, 2012
Weight: 8 pounds
Length: 19 inches
Sleep: 2 naps a day and 7-8 hours at night
My Bedtime: 9 pm
Favorite Toy: Pooh Bear car seat that plays "You are My Sunshine"
Clothes Size: Newborn
Milestones Reached: Sleeping through the night
Firsts: Manicure by mama (had to trim those talons), bottle feeding with Mimi
Best Mood: Mornings; She'll actually let me set her down for a few minutes and she just looks around
Best Moment: All of them :)
Worst Moment: A blowout aaaallll up the back while waiting in line at the post office

The outtake

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