Post-Baby Body Recovery

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm not going to lie, I'm just selfish enough that when I found out I was pregnant, I was completely over the moon, but still worried about what was going to happen to my body in the aftermath of it all.  I can't tell you how many mama's make it a point to tell you that your body will just never be the same after baby...don't listen to them! At 27, I wasn't ready, and still won't resign myself to mom jeans and one piece bathing suits for the rest of all time. I'm almost seven weeks out now and I have to say, I feel pretty close already to where I was before I got pregnant with Caroline. Weight-wise, I was back to my pre-baby weight within three weeks, thanks mainly to breastfeeding.
These pictures were taken four days before I had Caroline so this was pretty much me at my biggest.

I had a natural birth (in the sense that I didn't have a C-section...I did have an epidural), so I was released after 2 nights in the hospital, or 48 hours after the time of Caroline's birth. It was one week to the day that I started walking around our neighborhood.  At first, it was VERY slowly and my husband would come along and carry the baby. At two weeks out, I started pushing Caroline in her stroller and picking up the pace a little bit. Honestly, I wasn't really paying much attention to diet because I eat pretty well to begin with and I wasn't eating anything out of hte ordinary since I was breastfeeding. Anyone who is able to and has the time and energy to commit to it, I would whole-heartedly recommend breastfeeding for a multitude of reasons, beneficial to both mama and baby, not the least of which being all those extra calories your body burns by doing so.
After another week, when Caroline was three weeks old, we started walking two laps around the neighborhood of a morning and two in the evening, totaling about 1.5-2 miles. I'm not and never will be a runner, but I had been itching to get back to doing Pure Barre and Crossfit, my favorite workouts! My big concern, however, became whether losing body fat would affect my ability to feed my baby. It makes sense to me that a drop in body fat percentage would have a negative affect on my milk supply, so I waited to start any other type of workout besides walking until I could see my doctor at my six week checkup.
So last week, the doctor informed me that walking and Pure Barre's low impact but highly effective workouts would indeed not affect my ability to produce milk. She did, however, recommend that I wait longer to go back to teaching tumbling or doing more intense workouts like Crossfit, so last week, I officially hopped back on the bandwagon. I still do my twice daily walks with the baby using hills and the stroller for resistance, and am now back to doing Pure Barre 3 mornings a week when Caroline's nap allows. I can't wait to start seeing the results of getting back into a regular toning regiment! My hamstrings and abs were feeling that first workout withn 24 hours and I have surely missed that sore feeling! I'll be sure and keep posting about the journey back to post-baby shape, because my goal isn't to get back to where I was, I've pretty much accomplished that already aside from toning up some goal is to look better than before the baby to prove that it can be done! It's definitely not easy getting workout time in while breastfeeding a demanding newborn, but I'm making it work so far. Any suggestions on how y'all got back to post-baby shape are welcome :)


  1. Losing weight post baby has been a huge concern of mine as well! I have no advice considering I am only 25 weeks along, but I am looking forward to see what great ideas you come up with so I can cheat and use those!!

  2. I did have a C-section and I believe it was the worst thing I could have done. It wasn't really optional, so I can't really complain...but it had a HUGE impact on what I could do. 2 years later and I still have trouble doing full sit-ups; my muscles just aren't the same. But, I know a lot of people who went the natural route and look amazing just a few weeks later!

  3. I never (2 kids) got to where I wanted to be until about 18 months & a half marathon later. Baby 3 is any day now (3rd c section), & hope to NOT have to train for one to get back into a bikini! Baby 2 was born at 29 weeks,& weight was lost very quickly! But I gained about 10 lbs once she came home about 2 months later. I have just stopped working out, do hopefully this will be the best turn around.