Fall Photos...Sneak Peek

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm pretty much obsessed with pictures....it runs in my family. I would literally have photos of Caroline and our little family done every week! Here's a sneak peek of some we had done yesterday.

Baby Must Buy

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Swaddlers! I mentioned in an earlier post how much better Caroline started sleeping once she wad all swaddled up, but I was pretty miserable at swaddling and she is constantly in motion, even while she's asleep. That combination led to quite a few exhausting nights for quite a few weeks. So, for everyone out there in a situation similar to mine, I give you Swaddling minus the blanket tucking!

Snug as a sweet little bug :)

I got a two pack of Swaddle Me's from Target. They have quite a few patterns to choose from that are really cute. These would make a great gift for new mamas!

Then, there's Wombies. I would probably rather have this with the zipper in hindsight versus what I got because it can be pretty challenging to get Caroline into hers without waking her up, but it does the job. She's growing like a weed and I just can't justify buying another one when I'll probably only get a  month or so out of it. But when we have baby #2, I will go Woombie.

Caroline is coming up on her 11 week birthday this week...any products you just couldn't live without? Love to hear about them!

Fit Friday~Post Baby Recovery The First Month Workout

Friday, October 19, 2012

I've decided to start posting a "Fit Friday" entry each week to hopefully help other mama's out there seeking their post baby bodies again while I'm working for mine! I'm an ACE and NCSF certified personal trainer, I just decided that instead of working for the time being, I'd rather stay home and be a mama, but the desire to help others reach their fitness goals is still in me, hence, Fit Fridays.

So as it turns out, fitting in 45 minutes workout dvd's into what is now Caroline's world in which I simply live, is not as simple as I had initially hoped it would be...at least not yet, I'm still holding out hope. Thus, I've had to resort to squeezing in 10 minute workout increments a few times throughout the day in order to accomplish any strength training at all in an effort to get back in shape. I figure I can't be the only one in this boat, so I though I'd share what I'm making work for my workouts in the hopes that it will help someone else with theirs! Even if I can only accomplish one set of the two or three I shoot for every day, I figure it beats not doing any at all. I still do our morning and evening walks when weather allows, because Caroline really seems to enjoy being outside on the move, but that's just not good enough for me. I've always been a weights girl and while pushing that stroller uphill is no joke, it's not exactly putting me in my "work zone" for target heart rate for any significant amount of time.

I aim to do 5 sets of ten repetitions for three exercises that I do in a circuit format. In other words, no breaks in between exercises until I've done 50 of each, 10 at a time. Doing so not only gets it over with quicker, it increases heart rate and thus, the number of calories expended. In my previous life when I was a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and fitness director, this was my preferred method for training clients. It maximizes results with minimal time.

Day 1/Monday~ Pushups                        Inverted Pushups                  
                          Deadlifts                        Single Leg Squats                  
                          Full Situp                       Superman Lifts                      

Day 2/Tuesday~Double Bent over Row     Rotating Bicep Curl                
                         Reverse Lunge                Sumo Squat  
                          Side Bend                        Bicycle Crunches

Day 3/Thursday~Tricep Dip                     Overhead Press
                          Calf Raise                      Kickbacks
                          Plank Switches               Side Plank

Day 4/Friday~ Pushups                            Lateral Raise
                       Bridge Ups                       Squat Jumps
                       Reverse Crunch                Double Crunch
I can add pictures or descriptions of any of these exercises, or a simple google search will probably find you what you're looking for, too! Good luck to all the mamas and feel free to hit me up with any questions. While the exercise is obviously an integral part of the wellness factor, the most important thing to remember is that you are what you eat! More on that one next week ;)

Two Months

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby: Caroline Leeann
Age: 2 months
Birthday: August 7, 2012
Weight: 11 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 22 3/4 inches
Sleep: 2 short naps and one long nap a day and 7-8 hours at night from 9-5 usually
My Bedtime: 9 pm
Favorite Toy: She's starting to notice things we play with during her tummy time now! Not reaching yet, but really loves staring at bright toys
Clothes Size: a few Newborn but venturing into those 0-3 month clothes now
Diaper Size: 1
Milestones Reached: Babbling a lot, especially in the mornings
Firsts: First round of vaccination shots :(
Best Mood: Pretty much all day. She gets fussy around nap time sometimes but she's usually always in a good mood
Best Moment: Every day while she's nursing, she'll stop and look up at me and just smile and coo...melts my heart!
Worst Moment: Absolutely had to be her shots! It was torture to watch, but she did so well.

Caroline's Halloween Stash

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have always loved this time of year...changing leaves, pumpkin patches, comfy sweaters and a three month stretch of celebrating one fun holiday after another! I can only imagine how much more fun everything will be now that I'll be seeing it through the eyes of my baby girl. I know she doesn't know what's going on just yet, but I'll have fun nonetheless thinking of all the great memories that lie ahead!
The first holiday we'll be celebrating as a family of three will be Halloween! I am so excited to dress little Caroline up in her costume that my mama got for her! It is just too stinkin cute! With her first holiday in mind, I've been gathering a few things to celebrate our first Halloween with Caroline!
Another gift from mom, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is actually one of Juston's favorites. We already had the movie, but since I love to read to Caroline every day, mom got her the book, too! We've already read it a few times. She doesn't really pay attention and she's usually pigging out while I read to her, but I enjoy doing it nonetheless.

This long bishop, I'm in love with! I ordered it a few nights ago from Southern Overstock on Facebook. I'm planning on putting it on her for her three month/ family photos that we're having done at the end of the month! I love anything smocked so I jumped on this one!
No, I'm not one of those parents who takes a newborn trick-or-treating to people's houses with a candy bag, but I had the orange polka dot bag pictured above, by Buckhead Betties, left over from when I had my gift shop, so it's getting monogrammed for future Halloween uses. I am dressing Caroline up and taking her trick-or-treating, but only to walk around with her cousins...I promise not to take a bag "for the baby" ;)

And of course, baby girl has a few outfits to sport this month to show her Halloween spirit! 

Baby Must Buy

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This stuff is amazing! I swore that I wouldn't spend money on special baby detergent, but I never said anything about stain remover! I got this as a gift from my sister or else I never would have bothered to buy the stuff, but it's awesome!
I have sprayed it on EVERYTHING Caroline has thrown at my laundry basket from milk to spit up to overflows at the other end and it takes it out every time with no pre-scrubbing or soak time. I literally spray it on and toss it in the washer and it comes out clean! It really is the little things in life that make me happy, but when you have a high maintenance child like mine who only lets me sit her dowb about an hour a day total, I'll take any time saver I can get!
I'm hoping to share weekly "baby must buys"as I discover more favorite things through my mama journey, and in the mean time, I'd love to hear yours! I'm always on the lookout for things for Caroline that she or I would love whether its toys to excite her, or lame things like cleaning products that excite me! haha! 
On a pitiful note, Caroline had to get her first round of vaccination shots this past week. It broke my heart to watch her little face when thet stuck her chubby little thigh, but she did s great; she cried for a few minutes, but took it like a champ...my husband handled it way worse than baby or mama, bless his heart!

Time Sure Does Fly...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What a bittersweet day in the Pate house...Miss Caroline is officially out of her newborn sized diapers and into a size 1. Most of her newborn clothes still fit (barely), but I've had her in a few 0-3 month outfits, too.  It was a big realization of just how quickly the baby days are flying by. 
Her cheeks are filling out, her thighs are chunking up and her hair is growing back. Every day seems to go by more quickly than the one before and my little princess is growing by the minute! 
I'll have her 2 month picture and stats posted soon!