Baby Must Buy

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Swaddlers! I mentioned in an earlier post how much better Caroline started sleeping once she wad all swaddled up, but I was pretty miserable at swaddling and she is constantly in motion, even while she's asleep. That combination led to quite a few exhausting nights for quite a few weeks. So, for everyone out there in a situation similar to mine, I give you Swaddling minus the blanket tucking!

Snug as a sweet little bug :)

I got a two pack of Swaddle Me's from Target. They have quite a few patterns to choose from that are really cute. These would make a great gift for new mamas!

Then, there's Wombies. I would probably rather have this with the zipper in hindsight versus what I got because it can be pretty challenging to get Caroline into hers without waking her up, but it does the job. She's growing like a weed and I just can't justify buying another one when I'll probably only get a  month or so out of it. But when we have baby #2, I will go Woombie.

Caroline is coming up on her 11 week birthday this week...any products you just couldn't live without? Love to hear about them!


  1. Hi. I've been stalking your blog for several weeks, when I found out our babies are a week or so a part. My little one is 11 1/2 weeks old and I can't believe how fast she is growing.

    Products that I love right now are Oball Rattle and Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine.

  2. Those are awesome! Thank you! And it completely blows my mind how quickly every day flies by! Hope y'all are doing great :)