Caroline's Halloween Stash

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have always loved this time of year...changing leaves, pumpkin patches, comfy sweaters and a three month stretch of celebrating one fun holiday after another! I can only imagine how much more fun everything will be now that I'll be seeing it through the eyes of my baby girl. I know she doesn't know what's going on just yet, but I'll have fun nonetheless thinking of all the great memories that lie ahead!
The first holiday we'll be celebrating as a family of three will be Halloween! I am so excited to dress little Caroline up in her costume that my mama got for her! It is just too stinkin cute! With her first holiday in mind, I've been gathering a few things to celebrate our first Halloween with Caroline!
Another gift from mom, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is actually one of Juston's favorites. We already had the movie, but since I love to read to Caroline every day, mom got her the book, too! We've already read it a few times. She doesn't really pay attention and she's usually pigging out while I read to her, but I enjoy doing it nonetheless.

This long bishop, I'm in love with! I ordered it a few nights ago from Southern Overstock on Facebook. I'm planning on putting it on her for her three month/ family photos that we're having done at the end of the month! I love anything smocked so I jumped on this one!
No, I'm not one of those parents who takes a newborn trick-or-treating to people's houses with a candy bag, but I had the orange polka dot bag pictured above, by Buckhead Betties, left over from when I had my gift shop, so it's getting monogrammed for future Halloween uses. I am dressing Caroline up and taking her trick-or-treating, but only to walk around with her cousins...I promise not to take a bag "for the baby" ;)

And of course, baby girl has a few outfits to sport this month to show her Halloween spirit! 

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