My Favorite Outfit and Giveaway Winner

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've gotten tons of e-mails about Caroline's coming home outfit that I posted about months ago and where I got it so I thought the simplest way would just be to do a post (link to shop above). I did order this with plans of her wearing it home from the hospital, but she was so tiny that she was just swimming in it, but it fits her just perfect now, except the hat will absolutely no longer squeeze over her noggin. But how cute does it look on her!!!

The burp rag was a gift so I'm not sure where it came from. And in Wednesday Giveaway news. elmosoccers was the lucky name from the hat! Just e-mail me your mailing address and I will send them your way this week! And be sure to check back every Wednesday between now and Christmas for more giveaway goodies! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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