Sunday Finest~ Christmas Season Edition

Sunday, November 25, 2012 I loved it before it was "back" and I will love it when it's not "in" anymore (though I don't think that day will come) and now I love it on baby Caroline. There's a very thin line between adorable and gawdy when it comes to babies and animal print, but this fress was perfect. I'm not one to do the baby and mama matchy-matchy on a daily basis, but for church and special occasions, like the upcoming holiday party season, I can get on board and at least coordinate!

Blue is an often overlooked holiday color in lieu of the more traditional reds and greens, but in the great state of Kentucky, there is never a shortage of blue, and I love the beaded embellishment on the royal sweater and Caroline's closet will never have enough smocked items.

Caroline  looked soooo sweet in her polka dot sweater dress at church this morning!!! The pictured sweater from J Crew is one that I've been lusting after, but who the heck drops $200 + on a sweater (not that I'm above such shenanigans when it comes to a purse), but if this one ever goes on sale, I'm all over it!

Happy Holiday shopping!

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