Wednesday Giveaway

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time for a weekly giveaway! Caroline honestly hasn't shown much of an affinity, or really any interest period in any toys...up until now, that is!
She just loves cuddling with this little Mud Pie lamb that we've (I've) named Lambie since she loves watching her some Doc McStuffins. It's a combination teether, rattle and soft mini blanket I guess you'd call it. Anyway, she will actually hold it and it's just the cutest thing!

She snuggled herself to sleep while we were in Kroger yesterday! So I'm going to randomly choose a blog follower on Friday afternoon to receive this adorable little toy. I'll post the winner by Saturday afternoon and you can e-mail me your mailing info to get you very own little Lambie. So if you want a chance at this giveaway, just click the follow button and you'll be entered :)

PS Does anyone else's baby have an absolute shit fit any time you put them in their car seat? Caroline just can't stand hers and I feel awful putting her in it. It fits properly so I can't figure out her issue with it. I'm thinking maybe because she falls asleep in it?? Since she turns into an angry little gator-rolling, screaming maniac whenever it's her nap time. I'm so looking forward to her naps in the toddler years...Any tips are welcome.


  1. Im gonna have to set myself a reminder to check out you Wednesday giveaways. I always check to late. LOL I do however love your blog as I am expecting my first baby. We are expecting a little girl (Zoie) Feb 2.