Decking the Halls

Friday, December 7, 2012

I love, love, LOVE reading to my baby and I especially love reading her some of my favorite Christmas stories! I've done it since she was born but she's just now starting to really pay attention to the pictures. I read her the Grinch and she seemed pretty mesmerized. My parents brought her these books back from the last trip they took and how cute are her little Santa rattle slippers!

Our stockings hung from the armoir with care. I just love her little stocking! It's so cute hanging in between ours! I wish you could see the monogram on mine and Juston's, but somehow when I was ordering them, I must have selected cream thread for monogramming....why is that even an option?  Oh well, they're still cute and hopefully, one day we can hang them from a mantle.

Our family Christmas tree is my favorite! We have what we call our Charlie Brown tree in our bedroom, (it doesn't even get ornaments on it), and for the first time ever, Juston put up his very own tree in the basement that was just completed a few weeks ago, but I'll get to his masterpiece in just a bit...
My parents have given my sister and I keepsake ornaments every single Christmas since we were born and when we each got married we took them for our own trees (something I protested since I wanted them to stay where they belonged on Mom and Dad's tree, but Miss Sue insisted they go). My ribbon needs some re-working, but decorating one handed while holding a grabby baby isn't the simplest thing to do.
And finally, I give you our redneck Christmas tree, a surprise from the hubs...

Why yes, those are antlers on top. And your eyes do not deceive you...those are turkey feet and deer tail ornaments, Everything, and I do mean everything on this tree, Juston shot while hunting, or drank. It disgusts me, but at least he's getting in the holiday spirit.If you look closely, you'll notice the deer hooves serving as a tree stand.

Rabbit feet, turkey feathers, shotgun shells, shot glasses, beer cans, squirrel and deer tails...there's just so much to behold on this tree. I try not to look too hard for fear of what I might find. Yep, ladies, this is what happens to your Christmas tree when you marry a man from Harlan.
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