Catching Up

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cheerleading and baby have been keeping this mama super busy here lately! Not to mention all the company we had this past weekend! My nephew and one of my nieces stayed with us Saturday night and we had a surprise visit from one of my Goddaughters and her sweet mama and some of their friends who were passing through on their way back to NC. This was the greatest surprise since they are literally my favorite people!  Miss Caroline attended her second cheer competition of the season a few weeks ago and did pretty well.
 Cruising in her stroller big kid style

I'm not sure if it's a breastfeeding thing, or the fact that I only work a few nights a week and spend all other waking hours with Caroline, but she does NOT do well when left with anyone who isn't me if I'm not around. When I handed her over to take my girls to warm-ups, she commenced her meltdown. She is seriously a stage 4 clinger! I keep thinking she'll outgrow it when we start her on oatmeal and veggies and she breastfeeds less in a couple of weeks but I fear her clingy-ness to me may just be starting...
She did eventually calm down and even got to watch her adorable cousins compete!

And finally, her uncle with the magic touch put her out amidst the blaring cheer music and screaming cheer chicks.

Practicing for her own cheer bow

 My big girl is now ROLLING OVER! She'll go from her tummy to her back but has no interest in going to her tummy just yet. She's also really close to sitting up on her own! Big milestones are right around the corner! Hope y'all are having a great week :)

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