The Holy City

Sunday, January 13, 2013

 I am in complete, full-on withdraw has been six months now since I've strolled down the Battery, Fort Sumter off in the distance across the harbor, taking in the some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see in your life. From the lavish gardens tucked away behind stone walls to the clickity-clack of the endless horse-drawn carriage tours to the SHOPPING on King street and let's not forget the ah-mazing food! If there is a bad restaurant in Charleston, I've not found it yet. This city owns a piece of my soul and I need to get back there asap!
  I love this house; the owner of The Piggly Wiggly chain lives here.
This has to be to be of my favorite Battery homes.
Watching all the kids splash around in the pineapple fountain is so fun in the humid months. 

The Ashley River view from behind the Drayton Hall Plantation.
One of my favorite meals from Jestine's Kitxhen...Pecan crusted chicken, fried okra and macaroni

Poogan's Porch is one of our favorite lunch time stops.
And a horse drawn carriage tour is a must every time we're in town. Such a touristy thing to do but I love it!

We first fell in love with Charleston our first year of marriage. Juston did the Swamp Fox adventure race there and after seeing the downtown, knew I would love it so he took me that summer. We've gone back two or three times a year ever since, but it has officially been too long! I'm hoping we make our way there this spring for Caroline's first trip to Charleston. She'll definitely add an interesting new element to the trip, that's for sure. 

My Charleston Top 10:

1. The Battery
2. Tour a plantation (Boone Hall is my favorite)
3. King Street shopping (Peppermint Palm and Copper Penny never disappoint)
4. Tour a fort (Ft Sumter is the obvious choice but there are tons) 
5. Carriage Tour 
6. Try as many restaurants as you can afford! (We always hit Poogan's Porch, Jestine's Kitchen, Hank's, Hominy Grill, Magnolia's and Hyman's to name a few)
7. Patriot's Point
8. Folly Beach 
9. Visit the City Market
10. If you don't stay downtown, park there and just wander up and down as many streets as you can! Intrigue and beauty abound!

There are seriously so many more things that I could add to this list! Charleston is just one of the most magical picturesque places. Anything I missed, leave me a comment! We're always looking for new goodies in and around the city, especially now that Little Bit will be tagging along.


  1. Next time instead of Hyman's, hit up Fleet Landing....very good, very affordable, and right on the harbor!

    1. We're heading there next week so I'll be excited to try it! Thank you :)