Welcome 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We welcomed in the New Year today with our traditional meal of BBQ, collards, cole slaw, hoppin johns and corn bread...and of course cupcakes! My parents and my sister and her kids all came out to celebrate with us.

For anyone whose unfamiliar with the New Year's meal tradition, the pork (BBQ) is for health in the new year, the corn bread and collards are for success and good finances and the black eyed peas (hoppin' johns have them) are for coins, all supposed to ensure wealth and luck. I'll post my recipes under the recipe tab later tonight.

We're also still enjoying the remnants of our first (and hopefully last) big snow! Pretty, but once Christmas is past, I'm ready for tulips and spring. 
I'm not really sure how 2013 could be any better than 2012, but our God is awesome and it will be a great adventure to see what He has in store! Cheers to a new year! May yours be filled with more great things than your heart could ever imagine!


  1. I hate collards, but my parents make me eat them on New Year's for good luck!

  2. Collards are definitely not my favorite haha! But if you add enough butter they're not so bad