Daddy-Proof Your Baby

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Okay, I figure this is not uncommon for a lot of new parents; I leave Caroline, fully dressed for the day with her daddy so I can go run a few errands, come back and half her clothes are MIA, including one sock which has yet to be found. The photo on the left id what she looked like when I left and the photo on the right is when I got home an hour later.
My fault, really. I got fancy with the bow and socks and all. So, I give you The Daddy-Proofing Check List.

Let's start at the top. Forget the cute little bows and hats, they don't stand a chance.
The Bib is necessary for us because Caroline is a drooler and will get soaked to the bone.
This little pink top is a wrap top, so if it gets dirty, it doesn't have to go over the head to come off. Juston has yet to dress or undress Caroline from the waist up. He only does pants and not well. 
Pants with feet. Socks are hard enough for me to keep on her, let alone Daddy. We can't wait for short weather.

In other news, we headed off Sunday to have Caroline's 6 month photos made with the girl who did her newborns and she was giving some 'tude on the way there. She still just hates riding in the car. The second I put her in her seat it's meltdown mode. Hopefully she'll outgrow it one day. But she was an absolute HAM for the photoshoot! We got one photo as a sneak peek and it's going to be a long few weeks waiting to see the rest of these!

One more thing to share with y'all...I've been wanting one of those gold and crystal link bracelets you see all over Pinterest forever now but they're so expensive, I just couldn't make myself do it, but J Crew factory just put them up for only $27 so I snatched one up right quick! Better get one quick, they're sure to go quick at this price!

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