Easter Baby

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I absolutely love this time of year! The beginning of Lent always seems to re-focus me spiritually which is something I'm desperately in need of this year especially. As anyone who has a little one certainly knows, it just leaves you plum exhausted and it's hard to make time for basic things like brushing your hair, let alone making the time to ensure that you take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. So with the beginning of Lent, I've tried to carve out the time for all three of those things, reading a chapter from Psalms each day, doing the 20 minutes or less Crossfit Mama's workouts and catching up on my issues of Southern Living that I've fallen behind on reading. Putting Caroline to bed earlier has really helped me to make more time for myself at night since I literally hardly ever get to sit that child down all day. Everyone tells me to just sit her down and let her cry, but what they fail to understand is that she.doesn't.stop. That little tidbit of advice is nice for babies that it works on, but Miss Caroline is ruined. My bad. Anyway, the beginning of Lent also makes me think of spring being right around the corner and obviously Easter! I've stocked up on some Easter season cuties for Caroline, including her Easter dress that I got in last week!

My Mom actually found my book set of these Beatrix Potter books from when I was little :) But they're also available for purchase here and would be perfect for your little one's Easter basket.

I got Caroline's basket liner in the mail this week from PB kids. They have so many cute ones, but the pink gingham is my favorite. I actually found the basket on Ebay for cheaper than PB Kids has it right now and I'm waiting on it to ship. In the meantime, I'm searching for some goodies for the Easter bunny to add to her basket.

Caroline's Easter Dress by Lilly Pulitzer (can be found cheaper on Amazon). And naturally, I ordered mine to sort-of-but-not-really match. It's the pink Eryn Dress that I found on Ebay for a steal.

And finally a cute little festive everyday outfit by Mud Pie. I ordered ours from Southern Tots on Facebook, but they do also have it on the Mud Pie website.

I'll leave you with this little cutie posing in her bunny hat :) I think she likes it!

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