The one that got away...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have been trolling the internet for over a year now in search of an antique Lineberry Cart, most of which originally come out of North Carolina. They're not that hard to find if you want one already restored...for $ $200 more to ship. Turns out, restoration Hardware featured them in a catalog recently and now it's difficult to find them unfinished at a decent price, and I want one unfinished so that I can restore it myself and use it in our basement as a coffee table. And it has to be Lineberry with the original writing still visible and I really want the daisy wheel feature. I blame Restoration Hardware for my challenge finding what I want.

Last night, yet another Ebay search returned these beautiful babies...
Only twelve hours left on the auction and they were only at $170 for both, yes BOTH of these carts. I was over the moon. And get this, they were local pick-up only out of North Carolina just a few miles away from some really close friends who'd agreed to pick them up and hold onto them for us until we could make it that way. It was clearly meant to be. So I got up this morning, willing to pay up to $300 and decided a last minute bid was the best strategy; except it wasn't. I made the ultimate rookie mistake. I waited until the countdown clock was at ten seconds, then typed and entered my bid, forgetting that I'd have to confirm it and I ran out of time. NOOOOO!! I was literally almost in tears over this one. But life goes on so I'm back on the hunt for my antique Lineberry Cart in the hopes that one day a deal as perfect as this one will pop up.Until then, I'll keep sulking over the one that got away. 


  1. we just bought one here is Westminster, CA (So cal.) at an estate sale,
    didn't know what they were, my son's girlfriend wanted it, so we went back, and heard it was gonna be half off on sunday, we. got. it.:) super cool, paid $125 has original stamping sorta faded, line berry…my husband wheeled it home around the block.!

    1. That is so awesome and a complete steal!! I've seen them costing as much as $800! I hope she enjoys it :) They are a great conversation starter.