Blessed Baby

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Today was such an amazing day for our family! Baby girl was baptized this morning at our church! I honestly couldn't believe how well-behaved she was when the preacher took her. She was just fascinated with him. Baptisms are always so sweet. Our church sings a hymn "Now I Belong to Jesus" while the preacher takes the baby and walks them around the church for everyone to love on and I have never seen a baby cry during this whole process to date. The song makes me cry even when it's not my baby so you could just imagine how weepy I was this morning. I held it together though. Speaking of singing, my sister, who sang at our wedding, also sang The Lord's Prayer as part of the service this morning. Miss Caroline felt like a duet and just kept hollerin' along while my sister sang. Too cute. I was so relieve when she didn't cry during the whole ceremony. She had her mama pretty nervous.

We did manage to get a few good family photos after the service but I haven't loaded any onto my computer yet. What did we do before IPhones for pictures?

My Aunt Judy and Uncle Ronnie, who own Magee's bakery here in town (featured multiple times in Southern Living and loved by George Clooney for their ahhhmazing transparent tarts) gifted us the adorable polka dot monogrammed cake and pink tea waffers. I had no idea until I actually cut into the cake, but they even added a pink layer with the white ones. The pearl dots on the cake match the cake we had in our wedding, also made by my aunt and uncle. 

We had lots of family and amazing friends in attendance at the service and then most of them came out to the house afterwards for lunch. It's always humbling to see how many people love a little baby they barely know just because they love her parents. This is one blessed little baby and we are blessed to be her parents and for all of the wonderful people God has put in our lives. It's my hope that we will be able to raise our child with a strong faith in God and value of her family. This was by far one of the best days ever.

I'm adding my recipes for sausage balls, pimento cheese and fruit salad (my mama's) under the recipe tab sometime tomorrow so be sure to check it out if you're a lover of finger foods like I am! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weather went wacky again. Saturday, I had the baby and one of our dogs at the park enjoying sunshine, almost 60 degrees and a walk and then tonight they're forecasting a possible inch of snow.  I sure hope this cold snap is over by Easter Sunday. This time last year it had been in the 70's for nearly a month already. I may just have to start going further south for the winters. I'm not a lover of cold weather. But at least it was just rain today and not snow. 

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