Fit Friday~ Ripped Arm Workout

Friday, March 29, 2013

Just a little weekend arm workout for you to enjoy! I tried this night before last and am definitely feeling the effects! This workout requires absolutely no equipment, just body weight for resistance.

For the Wide Arm Pushups, you simply assume a regular pushup position, but instead of placing your hands under your shoulders like you usually would, you place them wider. This really targets the chest, especially the "arm fat" that can come from your bra.
For the shoulder taps, again, assume a traditional pushup position, and you will do these pretty quick, tap your right hand to left shoulder, then left arm to right shoulder and repeat until finished.
Down Dog pushups are exactly what they sound like. You get in down dog position, then drive your head towards the floor slowly and return to start position. This is great for shoulders and bicep/triceps.
Tricep Dips can be done off of a chair or even just on the ground if you don't have a stable surface to elevate yourself on.
On the extended arm planks, these will work everything on your body and are awesome/totally suck. Not too different from a regular plank, but instead of arms under shoulders like you would for a pushup, you're going to take your arms forward a few inches of that position and hold the plank.
Closed grip pushups are simply regular pushups but your hands are under you in a diamond, really isolating your triceps in the process.

I'm alternating this workout with my leg workout from last week's Fit Friday post. I've also been doing 15 minutes of cardio most days (at least 4 days a week). My diet suuuuuucked last week. I ate cake...lots of cake. I'm the type where if sweets aren't in my house, I don't think twice about wanting them and I really only bake when we are entertaining, but if they're around, they must be eaten. So I'm trying to get back on the eat right wagon. Next week, I'll be posting my favorite ab workout!


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading :) It's always great to know when someone enjoys :)


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