Happy Saturday Y'all!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today has been one of the most gorgeous days around these parts! I'm talking windows open, walking the pup at the park and taking the baby outside to sit in the grass for the first time! Exciting stuff, I know...but it makes me so ready to get started on yard work and clean stuff. I was totally this lame before having a baby.

We were dressed all festive for the holiday weekend, but had to make a wardrobe change.

Daddy may or may not have spilled his beer aaaalllll over me and the baby while we were playing in the grass.  The neighbors dog got loose and came over to play. He's a rowdy little pup and was bouncing around the baby trying to get some love. I had a hold of the dog and was calmly telling Juston to pick up the baby when he seized up in a panic. For some reason, instead of sitting the beer on the ground and picking the baby up, he put the can in his mouth (seriously?), went to pick her up and dumped his Guiness all over us both when he couldn't hold a can in his teeth. Who would have thought? Since I had literally just gotten out of the shower, I guess I'll roll up in Trinity UMC tomorrow smelling like beer since it soaked not only my clothes, but my hair. So not only will we look festive in our green outfits for St. Patty's tomorrow, we'll smell all festive, too. At least I will. I'll let y'all know if there's any truth to that beer as hair conditioner stuff I've heard about. 
We're not doing anything special to celebrate besides church and wearing green stuff. I'm going all out this year. I may even go nuts with the theme and give the baby some avocados for lunch. Watch out world, I'm feeling creative. 

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekends so far and your weather is as great as ours is! 

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  1. Absolutely adorable! I have niece and nephew twins that are about to be 6 months! The time just flies!