March Fit Madness

Friday, March 1, 2013

Okay, this mama has been off the workout wagon long enough. Sure, I've piddled and done my share of short circuit workouts and walks around the neighborhood on nice days, but I'm a woman on a mission now. I'm actually ten pounds less now than I was before I got pregnant, but I still have about 8-12 pounds I want to lose to get back to my fighting weight so I've decided that while everyone else in KY is going nuts over March Madness basketball style (or maybe not after our season), I'm designating March as my kickoff for getting back into some serious clean eating and exercise.
I know I can do it, I just haven't wanted to all that badly since baby girl made her arrival, so I reckon making a public decree will hold me accountable. Way back when I competed in two NPC figure shows so I'm going to follow a similar workout plan to what I adhered to then and as far as 'diet', I hate the concept. I love healthy foods, I never eliminate an entire food group and I allow myself to indulge occasionally, otherwise I wouldn't just fall off the wagon, I'd take a flying leap off headed for the Cadbury egg display. I plan on sharing via weekly updates not only my progress, but my workouts and meal plan in the hopes that it can help someone else who's trudging along this journey as well. I be glad to answer any questions anyone has about getting started. I feel like since I started my new stay-at-home-mama job that I've lost touch with my personal training and group exercise base a bit. I chose that career path because I LOVED fitness and LOVED the idea of changing someone's life for the better by helping them look and feel better.
So, my plan for the upcoming week goes as listed below.

This workout is set up to allow you to do it straight through, or in 3 sets of 10 minute increments when you can grab the time throughout the day. No equipment required and it will give you both cardio and resistance training in one. I'll be doing this M/W/F/S, as well as Ab Ripper X dvd from P90X series 2X. Any pretty days, I usually walk a few miles as well, but those have been few and far between the last few weeks around here!


This diet is loosely based on the one I followed when I was doing contest prep for my Figure shows. I would go nuts with salads and just add as many veggies as I liked. I do use more salad dressing than I probably should, but I figure an extra tablespoon won't make or break it. I also have one breakover day a week, usually Sunday, where I eat what I want within reason. Keep in mind that you can undo a whole weeks' worth of dieting in one day, so be cautious. I find that giving yourself a cheat meal or cheat day helps keep you on the straight and narrow the rest of the time. A girl's still gotta live a little, right?

PS Did y'all catch the premier of the new season of Duck Dynasty? Keeps getting better :) I'm so in love with this show. It's so refreshing to see a family like the Robertson's on television pulling in huge ratings by depicting family values, prayer and amusingly scripted (presumably) swamp shenanigans. I just love this family! We need more things like this on television and less of the drunken antics of the fake baked Jersey Shore. This family makes me happy, happy, happy.

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