Seven Months

Monday, March 11, 2013

Age: 7 months
Birthday: August 7, 2012
Weight: 17 pounds 4 ounces
Length: 25 (ish) inches
Sleep: Depends on the night. I try to never change anything about her bedtime routine, and one night she'll sleep 10 hours like a rock, and then the next she's up every three hours. It's very frustrating. 
My Bedtime: 8:30 now with the time change
Favorite Toy: Dad's spit cup (gross), an empty vitamin bottle with change inside of it, and strangely enough, Daddy's turkey call. I'm afraid much like my shih tzu pup, my husband is turning my child into a redneck.
Clothes Size:  6 month mostly and I've started putting some of her baby Gap 6-12 month stuff as well, I just roll up the sleeves and legs. 
Diaper Size: Size 3 in Pampers Swaddlers, the only diaper worth buying. Luvs are a close second for a cheaper option.
Milestones Reached: Rolling over from back to belly, first road trip (to a cheer competition in Cincy) where she didn't scream bloody murder the whole way, mimicking sounds.
Firsts: Avocado, pears, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash
Best Mood: Still my little morning baby, but her demeanor is gradually improving through the whole day. Caroline is a very temperamental, high-maintenance baby.She's the kind of baby that are the reason there are only children.
Teeth: None yet. We've been convinced from 3 or 4 months that she was teething since she's always drooling or chewing on something, but still no visible signs of any teeth poking through.
Words: Not talking yet, baby babble or otherwise. She mos

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  1. we've got the same situation with teething! I've been thinking that there are teeth coming in since 4 months, but just now and I really really thinking they are on their way! so frustrating lol!