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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well lookie here, I've managed two weeks in a row to keep this post up! Snaps for me.

What I'm wearing:

These tees are SO COMFY!!! I've got the mint color shown in the bottom photo but I'm thinking I may need it in sapphire or coral, too. I could literally live in this t-shirt it's so comfortable. And I love the pocket. For some reason, pockets excite me (especially when dresses have them!). You can get your very own most comfortable tee ever here.

What I'm working on:

I've had my Easter egg wreath hanging up inside for a few weeks now, but obviously it's time to take that puppy down, which means I need one to put up in it's place. I have all the supplies to make the burlap wreath pictured above, which I found on Pinterest forever ago, but if I actually manage to get it made before next Easter, it will be a miracle. The  steps are super easy, but getting more than ten minutes baby-free is not.

What's Worrying Me:

One word...weaning. I have no clue how to do it, when to do it, what to do about it, when I'll feel ready to wean. I do know one thing for certain...my child is going to be a little hellcat when the time comes to do this. My pediatrician recommended that if I'm wanting to do it within the next few months, to do it before she's a year because once they pass the year mark, the struggle is real. He also recommended that I do it cold turkey and leave town for a weekend thus giving Juston the fun job of getting her to start with her sippy cups (sounds like a great plan to me).  She's only taken her bottle a handful of times, so we just decided to forgo that route. I was told by both the Doc and other breastfeeding mama's that if you don't need to do bottles, then don't because that's one less thing to worry about breaking them from later. I initially set out to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months, but once I reached that point, I realized that I hadn't really given much thought to weaning before so I've just continued to breastfeed. I have a freezer full of pumped milk, probably enough to get through one to two months, so I'm thinking sometime around May/ June is when I'll make my child as mad as she'll ever be at me in her first year of life. I'm not looking forward to this at all. Partly for the selfish reason that breastfeeding allows me to eat ice cream almost every day without feeling guilty about it and mostly because I'll feel like we've passed a HUGE no-longer-a-baby milestone once she no longer breastfeeds. Sippy cups are full-on little girl status.

What I'm Wanting:

So lately I've been thinking I want to learn calligraphy. I've always had decent hand-writing, but rush through things as a general rule (which drives my mother insane), so what better way to force myself to take my time than to learn calligraphy? This print is so pretty and sweer and available in the Southern Weddings Shop. I think it would go perfectly in Caroline's nursery and be a daily reminder of another goal on my ever-expanding list of things to accomplish.

It's getting so hard to capture an image of this child still. She is constantly in motion. I had her mostly dressed at this point. Her headband, pearls and shoes did not make it through church though. 

Obviously, if anyone out there has any tips on what worked for your and your little ones when it came time to wean, they would be much appreciated :) 

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  1. Just came a crossed your blog on pinterest and saw your question on weaning your little one. When I weaned my kids I would stop one nursing time per week. It takes about 4 weeks to wean them going this process (more or less depending on how many times you are nursing your little girl each day) but it didn't seem to difficult for my kids and it wasn't painful at all for me as I slowly dried up. Good luck!