Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We had such a wonderful, jam-packed Memorial Day weekend! Friday around noon, Juston got home and we finished loading up the car only to find that the little robin's eggs in the nest in our front door wreath (yes, you read that correctly), were literally hatching before our eyes! Cool to watch, but after that, we hit the road for North Carolina and our Goddaughter's graduation.

I was SO nervous about how this was going to go. My best guess was miserably...

But it actually wasn't that bad. Give a chick some baby dolls and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she'll be perfectly content. Just kidding, she cried for like three hours. but it was more of a whine and not the wailing I expected, plus she took two naps, so it wasn't awful.

I love this picture :)

We decided to leave at night for the drive home, around 7. We stopped at 8:15 for her bedtime routine, oatmeal, pj's and a lotion up and fresh diaper. I strapped her back in the punishment chairand nursed her till she was asleep which is possible to do buckled in with a Boppy under your tail and some awkward positioning. Thank you Kourtney Kardashian for the brilliant idea! She slept the whole way back except when we had to stop and pay tolls, thanks a lot West Virginia.

Sunday found us fishing at the lake with the cousins.

And Monday was Boat Day and cookout for dinner with family and friends!

Welcome back summer! I've missed you terribly.

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