Whatever Wednesday

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What we did with our weekend:

I kept my sisters three kids on Sunday night since they didn't have school Monday and I kid you not, BEST idea ever! My child is fascinated with them and never more quiet or content than when they are around. Not to mention they handle her great! My nephew isn't in the pictures below, but him and the girls worked their tails off on "The Caroline LP Express" train pictured below. I don't know why anyone buys kids toys, just use packing materials.

My favorite feature would have to be the smoke stack. She rode in this thing I don't know how long with the kids pushing or pulling her. They even built a toy chest in the caboose. My child is lucky to have the greatest cousins ever!

 What I'm Loving:

Ashley Brooke Designs has the cutest stationary, invites and notecards. I got the vintage typewriter and lemon cards but definitely eyeing the sunglasses for my next purchase. And how cute are the wedding and baby Thank you foldover cards?! In love with her online store!

What I'm Waiting For:

I ordered this flower necklace in mint when they had a special on the on the Groopdealz website. I don't think they are listed anymore, but I can't wait to get mine in! I think Briana Box was doing pre-orders on them if you're still wanting one. Just Google the business name.

What the UPS man brought us:

I'm in love with the Ballard Designs Provence Bar stools that we just got in this week! We recently finished our basement, so our old barstools, which I didn't care much for, got moved down there and these beauties are now in our kitchen. They are so cute and I just love em!

What I'm reading this Week:
After the Rain by Karen White

Another Karen White read this week, but like I said, all of her books are amazing. This one is a re-print of one of her earliest published books. I'm about halfway into it after starting it this weekend. I could literally finish it in a day if I had the time to do it. I would definitely recommend it so far. Any good reading recommendations?? Pass them along!

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